Dance Moms Recap: Bye, Bye, Bye!

Dance Moms 5

It’s Dance Moms time again, y’all! I apologize for missing last week, but Irma left me without power…a small inconvenience given the magnitude of her damage, and our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to everyone affected by this recent rash of horrific storms. Abby Lee Miller is back (oh yea), the Ianas moms are still incredibly annoying (a feat given the company they keep), and Ashlee has a decision so big that it warranted a two-parter. It’s apparent I didn’t miss much in the hiatus, save for the grand dame’s return!

Chloe is leading her group number, and Christi wants to make sure she arrives early in hopes of allowing her daughter to avoid the ALDC. Little does she know, her friends won’t be competing because Abby has chosen the minis over her veterans. The mini moms are salivating to be in Abby’s spotlight. They remind Abby that she has been abandoned by her disloyal older group, and now she has a new group of bright young talent to mold. As the mothers talk over each other in hopes of garnering Abby’s attention, she barks that the minis just need to hope they make it through this week. Abby can’t focus on a future with these mothers and their girls until she runs through their solos. She screams corrections at the dancers and then calls Kate Gosselin 2.0 Hair over to dispose of her lunch trash. She happily obliges hoping Abby won’t notice her sick daughter isn’t dancing up to par.

The OGs (old and gross, according to Abby) and their mothers are attending the competition to sign t-shirts and take pictures with fans. Ashlee broaches of the subject of Brynn dancing under Gianna’s choreography. Jill quickly reminds her that Gianna is an employee of the ALDC, so essentially dancing for her means dancing for Abby. Ashlee doesn’t say much, but she implies that Brynn has a big decision to make. After all, she’s just as close with the minis as she is with Kalani and crew.

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Backstage, Abby places as much pressure as she possibly can on the shoulders of the minis while the mini moms side eye each other. This is totally worth it, right? She gets in the face of Hair’s daughter, reminding her that she was once a traitor like the Benedict Arnolds of the elite team. She better suck it up today and not disappoint. While Abby is criticizing the minis, Christi is joking around with her former dance mom friends. Sure, she and Jill were at each other’s throats a few weeks ago, but Jill recognizes she needs to be supportive of Christi as it will be her first time facing Abby in years. Luckily, Abby seems to be on the same page when it comes to a confrontation, and she and the mini moms sneak in a side door to the applause of the crowd.

Maesie is the first dance, and on the heels of feeling like crap, she’s unable to focus on her choreography. She exits stage left and bursts into tears. This is the worst birthday ever. Her mother rushes backstage to comfort her, but in reality she’s disappointed. Maesie really needs to be proving to Abby that she’s up to leading this new team. Back in the audience, Hair has returned to her seat and notices Christi sitting behind them. She brings this to Abby’s attention, and the dance teacher quickly high tails it out of the auditorium. One of the Iana moms chases her—she can’t allow Abby to be rattled by Christi. All the mothers follow, and Abby tells them that she won’t be in the same vicinity as Christi.

Dance Moms 2

The veteran moms have an awkward stand-off where they offer support of the minis. Brynn feels caught in the middle. Maybe Abby isn’t as bad as she remembers. Hearing the OGs will be in the theater to support the ALDC, Abby reluctantly returns to her seat to watch the first Iana (the one whose mother isn’t as crazy), who does an amazing job with her contemporary routine. Likewise, the other Iana aces her cutesy number.

Dance Moms 3

Ashlee and Brynn approach Abby in hopes of rejoining the team. Abby tears up—she is so happy to hear this news. She loves Brynn. Jill, Kira, and Holly watch the exchange and are completely speechless. What is she thinking? Don’t they realize that Abby is going to prison? The mothers feel betrayed by Ashlee, and I’m sure we will all hear more about it from them. The producers ask Jill, Kira, and Holly if they are willing to speak with Abby. They are, but Abby only snarks with them from a distance even after the producer requests her presence. Ashlee approaches and the mothers are almost too defeated to call her out for running back to Abby. Almost.

Dance Moms 4

Chloe’s new team performs their group routine, and Christi is nervous about her daughter for the first time in front of Abby since Abby said those horrible things about her. She has no cause for concern. The number is phenomenal, not that Abby would know because she plays on her phone instead of watching. At the awards ceremony, everyone, individually and as a group, in each age group is competing against each other. Lilliana’s contemporary solo takes the top spot. Chloe’s team has the high score for group routines, but it’s bittersweet for Chloe. She misses dancing with her old team. Christi is frank with Chloe’s new team that her daughter won’t be returning. It doesn’t go well.

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Holly, Jill, and Kira present a united front to Abby. Holly speaks while Kira and Jill fight back tears. When the ladies try to convince her that she has poorly treated their daughters, Abby bursts into tears. Don’t they realize their daughters would be nothing without her? Jill wonders how she can make this all about her.

Ashlee interjects to suggest to Abby that perhaps they don’t feel wanted. Abby is quick to say she wants the OGs back, but the mini moms rush in to ruin the moment. If Jill and Kira are wavering, they stop when they are reminded of Abby’s new team. The women stick to their guns and depart from the dressing room. They find Christi and Chloe and congratulate the former teammate on a wonderful performance. As they detail their exit from the ALDC, Christi doesn’t even have to ask if Chloe can join them. The girls are thrilled to have their dream team back intact!


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