Tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 reveals what’s wrong with baby Stella after Briana DeJesus had to rush her to the ER, while a very pregnant Kailyn Lowry ends up in the hospital with her own complications. Chelsea DeBoer moves forward with plans to change Aubree’s last name as well as wedding planning, Leah Messer tries to keep growing tension between the twins at bay on vacation and Jenelle Evans’ relationships with her mom Barb continue to deteriorate.

Kail and the boys are still in St. Thomas on their last family vacation before the baby comes but at 35 weeks, Kail is feeling uncomfortable and notices some unusual swelling in her feet. As the day progresses, her hands and face start to swell, so the producers call a doctor since she’s worried about pre-eclampsia. If she does, that means Kail wouldn’t be able to fly home and she debates on which island she could get to in order to have the baby still be a U.S citizen.


The doctor comes and checks out Kail but once they feel her pulse and assess the swelling, she determines she needs to get to the hospital immediately to determine what’s going on. Kail reveals that up until last week, she was on progesterone shots due to multiple miscarriages. At the hospital, tests are run and thankfully, Kail doesn’t have pre-eclampsia so she’s relieved. When the producer comes in to ask about how she’s doing and if she talked to her baby daddy Chris, she said he hasn’t responded to the text she sent two hours ago and adds that he’s probably with his new girlfriend. I guess they are on the outs again since we see her crying that he might not be there for the delivery in next week’s episode preview.


Aubree is about to start second grade and Chelsea is also meeting with her lawyer the same week to talk about Aubree’s last name change. I feel like we just saw Aubree heading off to first grade and now she’s already a second grader! A few days later after a meeting with her lawyer, Chelsea goes out to lunch with her friend Britanee and tells her about what they would have to do for the name change. Chelsea knows she doesn’t want to take away Aubree’s last name but thinks it’s important for them all to have the same last name in some way and realizes she has never had the same last name as her daughter. Plus, Aubree really wants this. The first step is having Chelsea’s lawyer reach out to Adam Lind’s lawyer to see if he will agree to it but they don’t have much hope with that plan since his own lawyer has a hard time getting a hold of him. If that doesn’t work, they will file a motion and go to court so Chelsea is going to wait to say something to Aubree until she knows more.


Briana is taking Stella home from the ER and well, it’s not the best of news after all the testing that was done. Doctors did an EKG and ultrasound of Stella’s heart and she has three holes in it. Briana has to be on the lookout for symptoms like panting, not being able to finish a bottle because she’s too tired or sweating. The whole family is understandably worried and Briana is just trying to keep it together. If the holes in her heart stay the same and don’t get any bigger, Stella can live a perfectly normal life with them but obviously, there is a lot of danger and worry about any changes, especially since Stella is so tiny. Of course, Luis is nowhere to be found.

A few days later, Stella seems to be doing well but Luis still hasn’t come to see her. His excuse is that he’s starting trucking school and is too busy. Briana calls Shirley and tells her how traumatic the ER experience was and how annoyed she is that Luis hasn’t come to see her after the whole ordeal. He hasn’t even asked any questions about it so Briana feels like he doesn’t even care.


A few weeks have gone by and Luis still hasn’t been by to see Stella but he has a day off from trucking school so he’s coming over. He comes in with a box of diapers and wipes and no smile. Briana hands Stella to Luis to hold and she immediately starts crying but he finally asks how she is doing and what the doctors said. When he mentions he is really busy with school but he can start coming over “sometimes”, Briana tells him how sad it is that he’s in the same state as his daughter and goes weeks without seeing her. Luis responds that he has no excuse or explanation, further frustrating Briana.


When Roxanne comes home, she’s ready to give him a piece of her mind and asks him where he’s been. She wants specifics but he is only giving her one word answers, causing her to get even more annoyed. Roxanne switches gears to asking him why he left in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and he mumbles something about being “over it”. Instead of asking what he means, Roxanne tells him that what he was over was getting checked by her but she’s Stella’s grandmother and she’s not going anywhere. He refuses to play along and respond, leaving Roxanne to escalate in anger, telling him he’s sitting there like a zombie and sniping about what a deadbeat he is. Briana tries to calm things down, saying she doesn’t want this to happen every time he’s over but looks like all that animosity won’t be changing anytime soon.


It’s Jace’s 8th birthday and Barb already had her party for him and Jenelle has another one scheduled this coming weekend. They take him to a water park, where Jenelle presents him with a gift wrapped in a blanket, mentioning she didn’t have time to wrap it. The weekend goes by quickly and when she drives Jace back to meet with Barb for pick up, she tells him how she is taking him to New York the next weekend she has him so they can get her wedding dress. It doesn’t stop there and she asks him if he would like to walk her down the aisle since she doesn’t have a dad to do so. She explains to him – an 8 year old! – that walking her down the aisle is like he’s giving his permission for her to marry David. Jace responds that he will do it, then quickly says he doesn’t want her to marry David. When Jenelle asks why, he says he is joking but his face says anything but and it looks like Jenelle knows it too.


When Jenelle arrives at drop off, she tells Barb about taking him to New York to get her dress and Barb tells her she doesn’t want to talk about the wedding since she’s not invited. Barb changes the subject to his referral to see a psychiatrist and Jenelle sees her chance to be annoyed about something so demands to know who has been prescribing Jace’s meds up until this point. When Barb tells her it’s the pediatrician, Jenelle goes off about how they aren’t equipped to give out mental health meds and if she would have been involved, she wouldn’t have allowed it. It doesn’t sound like he just started meds so I don’t know why she was in the dark and didn’t ask before but we don’t have the details of a timeline so I guess that’s not fair of me. Either way, Jenelle just wants another reason to be mad at Barb but when Barb tries to respond, Jenelle claims that there are “fans” getting worked up in the parking lot watching them. The camera pans over and I’m pretty sure those aren’t fans but rather random looky-loos who want to know what these two crazies are arguing about in a gas station parking lot while a camera crew films them.


Leah took the girls to Florida for a family vacation before school starts again. While the girls play in the pool, Leah notices Ali is starting to get tired and makes her put on a life jacket, causing a meltdown from Ali. She cries that she just wants to be like everyone else and Leah explains to her how everyone has different abilities and she has to do what’s safest and best for her as her mom. Ali says she understands but is still upset. I think Leah handled it really well and it can’t be an easy thing to explain.


Later, they go to Busch Gardens and Leah knows she has to make sure to spend time with all the girls so no one feels left out. She takes Gracie on a ride first while the others busy themselves elsewhere and it looks like Gracie is having a blast spending time with her mom. The rest of the day, they do things as a family, like going on different rides together and feeding the animals at the safari.


Looks like another successful vacation is in the books and next week, its back to reality for all the Teen Moms.


Photo Credit: MTV

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