90 Day Fiance Recap: Welcome To Real Life

Breaking news! 90 Day Fiancé cameras are working overtime all over the world right now to bring us some amazing new train-wrecky content, including footage of Nicole and Azan’s Moroccan wedding. There’s trouble in paradise, though. While Nicole is likely leading her daughter down the aisle on a fancy leash, internet sleuth Keith Brooks has been busy investigating the MANY other girlfriends Azan has on the hook. And – finally – one is speaking out!

The woman who speaks on Keith’s YouTube channel has decided to withhold her name and image from the broadcast as she tells her story. In the spirit of Azan’s famous compliment, let’s call her “Miss 56%” because it seems like she might have edged Nicole out in the relatively attractive department – at least according to Azan. And oh boy, you’ll want to hear the juicy tale she tells! Read on for some highlights.

Miss 56 is 23-years old, hails from Spain, and claims Azan has been communicating with her since last year – and lying about  Nicole every step of the way. After meeting Azan on an internet site, she wanted to schedule a trip to Morocco in January of 2017. Azan delayed, claiming he had to visit his sick grandmother, but sent her a slew of photos of himself in the desert.

But hey – guess who was with him? Nicole and May! Because they were FILMING. When Miss 56 asked who they were, Azan said, “Don’t worry about them. They’re just tourists.”

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A few days later, Miss 56 happened to see a clip of 90 Day Fiancé – and there was Azan with the mysterious blonde woman and child again. Realizing she’d been lied to, she confronted Azan, who defended that “it was just for show” because he “needed the money.” Azan went on to say he didn’t love Nicole, and that the show was just fake and scripted anyway.

Initially believing his explanation, Miss 56 continued to communicate with Azan for months afterward. She also continued to watch the show and says she “just could not believe how [Nicole] couldn’t keep her hands off [Azan],” which is a huge no-no in Muslim culture.

She also claims that Azan told her he “would have hit Nicole” for groping him in public if the cameras hadn’t been around, and that his family basically despises her. They allegedly even demanded that Nicole be shipped back home early on her second trip to Morocco, but the show kept her there despite their pleas.

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Azan also reported that Nicole refused to eat his family’s food (sheep’s head notwithstanding) and demanded he buy her beer every night. Whaaaaaaaa?

“He really hated the fact that she pushed the baby on him as well,” says Miss 56. Azan has allegedly complained widely about Nicole forcing him to change May’s diapers daily – a task she wanted to avoid because she was “jet lagged.” For a month.

Azan admitted that he wasn’t comfortable with May calling him “Dad,” but used his interaction with May to avoid touching Nicole. “He was just so embarrassed by her, by every aspect of her,” says Miss 56. Azan told tales of Nicole “going off” on not only him, but even his family members – including his mother.

90 Day Fiance News: Azan’s Secret Girlfriend Speaks Out! Claims Azan Is Scamming Nicole

All of this backstory didn’t dissuade Miss 56 from eventually visiting Azan in Morocco in March of 2017. During that visit, Azan’s friends confided in her that his number one goal was to get to the U.S., so he’d marry anyone from that country to make it happen. Despite having contact with many other women around the world (Spain, France, England, and Korea – just to name a few), Azan would keep Nicole on the hook despite loathing her.

Miss 56’s growing suspicion about Azan, who was working as a dishwasher at the time, didn’t stop him from asking her for money. LOTS of money. Frequent requests included money for food, drinks, clothing, plane tickets, and even a “freaking gym membership!” she says.

90 Day Fiance News: Azan’s Secret Girlfriend Speaks Out! Claims Azan Is Scamming Nicole

“I was just so stupid. I was there, in the moment – and I just feel like a fool,” she admits, explaining how she gave money to Azan, despite her reservations. “He’s a complete scam artist.” In her confession on YouTube, she even includes texts from Azan getting angry at her for calling him out on his lies and his multiple attempts to win her back.

90 Day Fiance News: Azan’s Secret Girlfriend Speaks Out! Claims Azan Is Scamming Nicole

Although Azan claims he isn’t attracted to Nicole AND that his family hates her, all reports still confirm that the couple is set to wed in Morocco. Like, right now. “She’s just a meal ticket to him,” says Miss 56. But now that Nicole has left her Starbucks job stateside to move to Morocco, what kind of income does she hope to gain? Hmm. There’s always those TLC paychecks, I guess!

90 Day Fiance News: Azan’s Secret Girlfriend Speaks Out! Claims Azan Is Scamming Nicole

“The man’s a mess,” says Miss 56. “And he’s definitely not a gentleman, that’s for sure.”

What is for sure is Azan appearing on the next season of 90 Day Fiancé. And I cannot WAIT. Bring on the circus, TLC.

To hear MUCH more from Azan’s mystery Spanish “girlfriend” – who even claims Azan wanted to marry her at one point – watch Keith’s video by clicking here!


Photo Credit: TLC, Keith Brooks YouTube Channel

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