Real Housew

The Real Housewives of Potomac have stepped up their game this season, and the theme of the women’s antics seems to be just general messiness. I think this crew takes the franchise’s cake for pot-stirring and smack talk, yet they are all contractually obligated able to share some laughs on a Bravo funded vacation. At least it’s fun to watch!

The drama of late has festered along the backdrop of several charity events, and if you think these women are above throwing shade when it comes to good causes, you would be sorely mistaken. At Karen Huger’s Alzheimer’s fundraiser, she kicked out Gizelle Bryant and Robin Dixon, and Gizelle managed to get into it with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. Of course, doesn’t Gizelle get into it with everyone? The Word on the Street has some words of her own for Karen, Charrisse, and Monique Samuels.

Discussing Karen’s decision to have Gizelle evicted from her event, Gizelle claims she isn’t bothered. She tells Bravo, I didn’t and wasn’t going to talk to Karen in front of her guests and mess up her event. This was going to be a four minute conversation, short, sweet and to the point. If you ask me, Karen was the one that made the scene screaming SECURITY. However, I wasn’t shocked, Karen runs from any and all confrontations. Now, I would have loved to have congratulated her on the success of the event but she won’t share how much was raised for given to Alzheimer’s… I guess it’s not a scam if you tell everybody you’re scamming them,” adding, “Obviously, I don’t mind getting kicked out of places because 100 percent of the time I’m going someplace better than where I’m leaving.”

When asked about her dust-up with Charrisse, Gizelle cites it as a non-event. She admits, “Until I watched the episode I totally forgot about the Charrisse confrontation. I think at that point Charrisse was just tired of her date following her around like a little puppy dog. I didn’t mind her taking her frustrations out on me, I mean it’s got to be exhausting having to babysit a grown man.”

Speaking to Karen’s impression of her at the gym, Gizelle takes no offense (or at least she pretends she doesn’t care). She asserts, “I love and live for people’s interpretations of me. I didn’t come in screaming with a bullhorn, I asked to speak to Karen on the side not in front of her guests.”

Gizelle promises, “Next time, I’ll just go directly to the microphone and state my issues in front of everyone. Carson Kressley will ask to find a Gay Bill Gates and I will ask to find a Grande Dame who is the spokesperson for Lies R Us.”

Of the clash at the CBC, Gizelle takes off her gloves when it comes to addressing Monique. She reveals, “I haven’t used the term scaredy cat since the fourth grade, but whoa Little Miss Monique Samuels it so applies to YOU. Why would you feel the need to hide from me? Have we been fighting about something and I just wasn’t informed? A friend and an associate walks over and congratulates even if you’re not on the best of terms. Only a silly little hater walks the outskirts of an entire convention floor so that she doesn’t have to say out of her mouth ‘Congratulations Gizelle.’ HA! I love haters!”

She also isn’t buying Monique and Karen’s excuses. Gizelle concludes, “Monique and Karen saw me, they said they saw me, hell, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder saw me. It’s a sad day when your insecurities and jealousy looks you in the face and bites you on the butt. They should have walked over to my booth because I could teach both of them a thing or two about being IN BUSINESS.”

Something tells me that this season of RHOP is only going to get more contentious…and therefore, much more fun to watch!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]