90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera Discusses Split With Fernanda Flores

Out of all of the couples on this season of 90 Day Fiance, there was one that really seemed solid. However, Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores have gone their separate ways. Sure, they had their issues, but so does any other couple. Plus, in comparison to all of the craziness going on with their costars, they really did seem to have the healthiest relationship.

It seems like they are done for good. But then again, you never know with 90 Day Fiance. There are new stories about this cast every five minutes. Or at least that is how it feels.

Jonathan discussed the split during an interview with In Touch. Shockingly, Jonathan revealed, “I haven’t spoken to Fernanda since December 22.” So that means they did not spend their first Christmas together as newlyweds.

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In all honesty, Jonathan did not actually reveal much. He was very vague, but he was also pretty positive. Well, he was as positive as you can be for someone mid-breakup. He remarked, “My feelings for Fernanda were real and Fernanda’s feelings for me were real. Fernanda’s not a gold digger. Fernanda didn’t come here for a green card.”

Then, Jonathan vaguely stated, “What happened was things change, things change and people change and I can’t help that.”

Even though Jonathan never revealed anything remotely specific, he did say, “I don’t know how to help someone from changing who they are or who they were. Also, she’s young, 20 years old. You have a tendency to continue to grow, you want different things as time goes on and I can’t blame her for that.”

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Jonathan did not point any fingers, but he also did not admit any faults of his own. He explained, “I gave it everything I had. I think that was very apparent in the show. None of that was edited, that was my heartfelt feelings. You know you can only give so much until you start giving yourself away…What I’m saying is, I guess there was a point where I realized it was never going to be enough.”

How unclear. It’s going to be very odd to watch Part 2 of the 90 Day Fiance Tell All. All of their updates are going to be moot and outdated.


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