Jeff Lewis And Gage Edward Have Problems With Their Co-Parenting Relationship

When Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis announced that he and long-time partner Gage Edward had split in January, many people were shocked. Although we saw the couple struggle with their relationship on the show, the two seemed committed to staying together. And they were both dedicated to daughter Monroe, as well as being involved in business together.

In retrospect, maybe the breakup was inevitable for two people with such different personalities. And living and working together 24/7 would be a challenge for any couple. The period following a breakup is difficult and working out all the details after a split is hard. And now Jeff is revealing some of the co-parenting issues he and Gage are experiencing post-break-up.

As reported by Page Six, Jeff recently updated the listeners of his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live on his visitation arrangement with Gage. Jeff shared that their “open door visitation policy is not working out.” And because of this, Jeff stated, “I did say to Gage yesterday, moving forward, we need to have some sort of schedule. I said, I know that our schedules change weekly, but how about Sundays we go over the week ahead of time? I don’t necessarily want to be there when he’s there all the time.”

Coming from loose-cannon Jeff, that sounds very reasonable. Understandably, he would not always want to see Gage when he is spending time with Monroe. Considering Jeff’s long history of ugly endings to his personal and professional relationships, maybe we will see him act civilly when a relationship didn’t go his way.

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In regards to visitation with Monroe, Jeff went on to say, “So I said, let’s go over the week. We’ll go over when you want to see [Monroe]. When I want to see her.” Anyone who has ended a relationship where children are involved knows that working out the visitation details can be tricky. Again, for Jeff, this all sounds very agreeable. Maybe he sees Monroe’s needs more important than his own-which shows a side of him that wasn’t always apparent on Flipping Out.

Of course, Jeff being Jeff, he still can’t let go of having total control. He went on to state that he has set some visitation guidelines with Gage. Jeff revealed, “I said, you’re not coming over twice a day anymore. That’s just not realistic. I’m not saying he cannot see her twice a day but, for example, I go to New York today. He’s going to stay at the house for four days. So he’s got her for four straight days.” Even this declaration shows that Jeff is being flexible, which we all know is not one of his strong suits!

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Gage might have even more time with Monroe in the future, as Jeff explained that Gage “asked to spend more time with Monroe after the trip” and he agreed. Jeff said that “he agreed in hopes that they could come to an agreement on having more structure for their daughter.” It sounds like Jeff and Gage are in a good place in their co-parenting, which I am sure is the ultimate goal for both of them.

Will we see more of Jeff and Gage co-parenting on a future season of Flipping Out? That remains to be seen as a show renewal has not yet been announced. And as Jeff had a huge falling out with long time sidekick Jenni Pulos last season, the show would probably need to be completely restructured. I am hoping for one last season, as things were left unresolved with Jenni and much has changed in Jeff’s life since last season. Let’s hope Bravo will give the show one more season to wrap things up.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]