Married At First Sight Recap- Houston, We Have A Marriage

After getting to know the participants individually, Married At First Sight is finally getting down to the business. This week we get to witness the weddings of two additional couples and a teaser for a fourth. Most of the weddings went surprisingly well, but one couple may be off to a rocky start.

Excitement is in the air and emotions run high as the wedding day jitters begins. One groom is overcome with tears before meeting his new wife. The chemistry is immediate for some participants. Others may be wondering if they made the right decision. From the looks of things, this season is definitely going to be interesting. Well, it’s too late to panic now. We the viewers have people to judge a show to watch. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Michaela & Zack

Married At First Sight Recap- Houston, We Have A Marriage

Michaela and Zach will be the second couple to get Married At First Sight. Zach is the quintessential hopeless romantic. He genuinely wants to be a married man. The only question is does he know exactly what that entails. I don’t care what anyone says, marriage is hard work. Up until the time Zach walks down the aisle, he is overcome with emotion. When Michaela receives a gift that represents her late father, she breaks down as well. This is definitely an emotional day for both the bride and groom.

Once Michaela and Zach finally meet, their nerves seem to have vanished. They both immediately let each other know they are attracted to one another. Well, that is definitely a good sign. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when Zach recites his vows. He says everything a woman who has waited for that special someone wants to hear. It is obvious that Michaela is becoming smitten very quickly. I love it!

Things get a bit interesting when Michaela questions why his family referred to him as a renaissance man. Zach explains he grew up crocheting and making lotion. Umm… not exactly what I would I imagined, but I guess she will always be warm and well moisturized. It is obvious his new wife is confused, but at this point I don’t think he could do any wrong. She even cops a few feels during their wedding pictures. I wonder if things will get even spicier once they retire to their room.


Bao & Johnny

Married At First Sight Recap- Houston, We Have A Marriage

Directly following the wedding, Johnny and Bao have a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony.  They are adorned in traditional garb and serve their parents tea to symbolize the joining of two families. Bao went from freaking out about a pre-wedding gift of a jersey to thinking that her marriage was meant to be. How quickly things change! During the reception, Johnny goes out of his way to make sure his new wife is comfortable, although he is ready to explore their connection. I have a feeling these two could have the potential to have a true connection, if they create a strong foundation.

Myrla & Gil

Married At First Sight Recap- Houston, We Have A Marriage

Myrla and Gil prepare to meet for the first time at the altar. While shopping for their wedding attire, one of his friends asks him how he will feel if his wife wants to take extravagant trips. Gil responds by saying he is fine taking trips, but they don’t have to always be expensive. Unbeknownst to him, that conversation may hit closer to home than he may think. Myrla seems to be dead set on maintaining her current lifestyle and not giving anything up. I can understand not wanting to take a step back, but marriage is about compromise. I am just not sure if she is ready to merge another person’s lifestyle with her own.

It’s the day of the wedding and Myrla is already displaying some diva like behavior. One of her friends warns her not to set herself up for failure, by creating unrealistic expectations. When Myrla and Gil finally meet, I don’t see any immediate fireworks. She also doesn’t seem excited to have inherited his beloved pit bull. Things get even more awkward when she offers her cheek when he goes in for the kiss. Sigh! I guess two out of three isn’t bad. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.  If I am being honest, Myrla came off as high maintenance, in a short period of time. Hopefully she can relax and show another side of herself. Her family said some good things about how caring and loyal she is, but that may have been overshadowed by all the talk of shopping and red bottoms.

In a post interview, both Myrla and Gil admit they are attracted to one another. They also learn they have several things in common. Myrla seems a lot more comfortable, so her new husband has a chance to learn about the things she is passionate about. Both have careers where they are driven by helping others. Okay…maybe there is hope, as long as he keeps his dog out of her way.

Rachel & Jose

Married At First Sight Recap- Houston, We Have A Marriage

Rachel is ready to step out on faith and meet the man she intends to spend the rest of her life with. She now has the confidence to move forward in life and she is glowing. Honestly, I am not sure how things are going to go with this couple. Jose has literally created an entire storyline of his new life, based on his expectations. I just want to scream at him to just loosen up a little. He is setting his marriage up for failure, without even realizing it. Maybe he is just nervous and will actually get to know his wife without judging her.

Brett & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Houston, We Have A Marriage

I am really interesting in seeing how Brett and Ryan interact with one another. On the outside looking in, I wouldn’t necessarily picture them as a couple. But also didn’t peg him as sensitive and emotional as he appears to be. Ryan is genuinely wants to be married and be a father. He even thought about adopting, but things haven’t gone as planned. Although Brett hasn’t been in a relationship for years, she truly wants this to work.  I am looking forward to seeing these two getting married and interact next week.



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