Married At First Sight Recap- Their First Rodeo

The final two Married At First Sight couples finally meet and marry their stranger spouses. Shortly afterward they experience their first dinner, dance and introductions to the family. What will happen when they are all alone in their honeymoon suites? Now that everyone has jumped the broom, the real fun is about to begin!

All the couples are more relaxed after a day full of nerve wrecking introductions. Some are optimistic, while others question if things will work out.  Then it’s time for their first night together as husband and wife. Can someone say awkward! I guess there is no way around getting better acquainted, when you need help getting out of your wedding dress and have to sleep next to a stranger. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Brett & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Their First Rodeo

When we last saw Ryan at the altar, he looked like he was on the verge of making a run for it. When he sees new wife, he actually cracks a smile. I think this is the first smile we have seen from him all season. During the ceremony, his family informs Brett, that her new husband is much sweeter, than his facial expressions may reveal. These two may be made for each other. They both are hopeless romantics who want desperately to be happily married. Even their vows are thoughtful and prove that this is something they are taking seriously.

In a post interview, Ryan admits that although Brett isn’t his “typical” type, but he is very attracted to her. Thankfully, he seems willing to communicate his thoughts because this guy has the face of a poker player. Now that the suspense is over and he is happy, maybe he will be able to get some good rest. I couldn’t help but notice the bags under his eyes. The poor guy looks like he hasn’t had decent sleep in years.

During the wedding reception, Brett begins to worry if she will fit into Ryan’s world. She heard him say two step and country music and now is questioning her entire life. During their first dance, she is as stiff as a board, when she is asked to dance, which is outside of her comfort zone. Ryan is patient and seems genuinely happy to lead. These are all good signs! Brett, if you can marry a stranger, surely you are brave enough to dance in front of your wedding guests.

Brett talks to Ryan’s groomsmen about some of the differences between her and her husband’s lifestyles. She is concerned that they are extremely different. She doesn’t like country music, knows nothing about ranch life and is totally against hunting. Sigh! Well, I thought things were going pretty well, up until this point. I think involving Ryan’s friends in this conversation before she has gotten to know him better is  a mistake. Who knows how his friends will interpret the conversation and bring it to Ryan? Personally, I would have reserved my judgment until I had a chance to witness him in his element. Something tells me that this will come back to bite her, later. There is nothing wrong with her having concerns or questions; she just should voice them to her husband first.


Rachel & Jose

Married At First Sight Recap- Their First Rodeo

The day has finally arrived where Jose will be able to judge if his new wife meets his long list of requirements.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing how these two interact. They both have some insecurities, but feel like they have overcome challenges in their past. Jose is all smiles and compliments when he lays eyes on Rachel. She looks beautiful in her gown!

Things are going extremely well once Rachel and Jose have a chance to talk after the wedding. They discover they have several things in common, such as a love of sports. But Rachel makes a huge mistake when she admits that she told the experts she wants someone with personality and not looks. She then turns to the man she just met and tells him, he is exactly what she asked for. Sigh! Way to put your foot in your mouth girl! The last time I checked, that isn’t a compliment. Apparently, Jose didn’t take as one either, by the look on his face.

During the reception, Rachel realizes that Jose has A LOT of expectations of a wife. Naturally, she worries if she will be able to measure up to his high standards. Personally, I would have had this conversation with him right then and there. Maybe, bringing up her concerns would make him more cognizant of some of his comments.  In order for their relationship to work, they will have to learn how to accept one another.


Myrla & Gil

Myrla and Gil have loosened up a bit and are starting to feel comfortable with one another. But he soon realizes his stranger spouse may be a little more conservative, than he thought. During dinner, the guests encourage the newlyweds to kiss, but Myrla is only willing to offer her cheek. Gil isn’t the only one who is finding out more about his significant other. She learns that her husband is very traditional and expects her to change her last name to his. But Myrla isn’t sure if changing her name is something she is willing to do.

Gil meets with Myrla’s family and they waste no time getting straight to the point. They immediately ask if there is anything about his new wife he is concerned about. To his credit, Gil is honest and admits he is unsure about her spending habits. When Myrla meets with his friends, she makes it clear she has no intention of changing her lifestyle. According to his friends, Gil is frugal. I don’t see how this is going to work, if she isn’t willing to be open to doing anything differently. I guess it’s only a matter of time before this becomes an issue in their relationship.



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