Married At First Sight Recap: One Day Down, A Lifetime To Go

The five Married At First Sight couples met just hours ago and wake up married to a stranger. But before they can leave on their honeymoon, each spouse will have brunch with their new in-laws individually. Some families definitely aren’t shy about dropping the tea on their loved ones, while others offer sage advice. I can’t wait to see how things will progress with these relationships.

We are finally at the point where things are definitely about to get exciting. Everyone has met their spouse and gotten a chance to present their best self. I am looking forward to getting to see the real versions of these people. It’s only a matter of time before someone reveals their true self. There only so much you can hide when you live with someone or vacation with them. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Rachel & Jose

Married At First Sight Recap: One Day Down, A Lifetime To Go

Rachel and Jose are finally all alone and they definitely feel comfortable around one another. Neither one seems remotely nervous about going to sleep next to their stranger spouse. The next day, Jose meets with his new in-laws and he has nothing but great things to say about Rachel. Her mother warns him that she is great, but she can be extremely messy. Jose’s face completely drops at the idea that his spouse isn’t perfect. Although, I appreciate the family giving some tips, I don’t think I would want my family revealing my bad habits so early. Meanwhile, Rachel meets with Jose’s family. She inquires about exactly how structured her husband truly is. She quickly realizes that he is very serious about all of the things he puts his mind to. He even has a white board in his home with all of his expenses.

Rachel and Jose relax after meeting each other’s families. She reassures him that she has learned to communicate her feelings, but she still has work to do with finances. Jose is confident that he will be able to help her in those areas. When packing for the honeymoon, Rachel reveals just how excited she is to have some time away with her husband. When he packs condoms, she tells him that those are not needed for babies. Wow! Well, way to tell him how you really feel, girl.


Myrla & Gil

Married At First Sight Recap: One Day Down, A Lifetime To Go

After their wedding, Gil and Myrla bond in their hotel room over the deaths of their fathers. They both have experienced a tragic loss of a parent and he shares his story before going to sleep. The next morning, Gil is pleasantly surprised to find out his wife looks just as good all natural, as she did made up for the wedding. Something tells me her looks are the least of his problems.

Gil meets with Myrla’s male friends and brother for brunch. Once again, he is asked if there are red flags that he sees in his wife. He has concerns about her spending habits, but is reassured that Myrla can afford her lifestyle. He is also told that more than likely he wouldn’t be expected to contribute to her shopping sprees. When Myrla visits with Gil’s family, she is very honest about who she is as a person. She also admits she isn’t sure if she if she is a dog person. Considering Gil has a dog, this could be a problem.

While discussing their meetings with their in-laws, Gil expresses his outlook on money. Myrla admits she is driven by money, after growing up poor.  Gil isn’t motivated in the same way and it is obvious they both are a little concerned about what that could mean for their marriage. Honestly, I believe their differences will eventually become an issue. Myrla is seems to be extremely high maintenance and her incessant complaining on the honeymoon is annoying. I can understand if she had different expectations, but she could at least try to focus on spending time with Gil, instead of the hotel amenities.

Brett & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap: One Day Down, A Lifetime To Go

Now that they are alone, Brett is feeling some anxiety about spending the night for the first time with her husband. Ryan has no idea his wife is nervous and even goes in for a kiss. The next morning, Ryan meets with Brett’s parents and it isn’t going well. He is clearly very nervous and doesn’t even ask any questions to gain more insight into his wife. Meanwhile, Brett asks several questions to try to get a better understanding of her husband.

Brett shares with Ryan that she is nervous about the honeymoon because she is scared of flying. Once they arrive at the hotel, she tells him she is grateful he made the flight easier for her. But Ryan doesn’t seem as relived or even as open afterwards. He literally just stares at her with dead eyes while she thanks him. In a post interview, he admits that if he was dating someone who acted that way on a plane he would never get on another one with them. What did she do on the flight? From the way he is acting, you would think she was screaming or trying to kick out the windows. If she only had anxiety and he feels this way, what is he going to do when they have a bigger issue?

Michaela & Zack

Married At First Sight Recap: One Day Down, A Lifetime To Go

Michaela is practically salivating over her husband, Zach. He is enjoying the attention and the chemistry is mutual. The next morning over breakfast, Michaela confesses that she can be passive and often times overlooks red flags in relationships. Immediately, Zach asks his wife not to do that with him.  He truly wants their marriage to work and encourages open communication.

Zach meets with Michaela’s family and he does a great job of easing their concerns. He is warned that they expect him to protect his wife, the way they would. He assures them that he is up for the task. That is easy to say now while everything is good, but I wonder if that will be the case once they encounter challenges. Michaela meets with Zach’s large family and seems right at home. Things take an emotional turn, when she speaks about her deceased father who was killed by a drunk driver. I love the fact that at the wedding, Zach’s father stood in her father’s place during the father daughter dance. Before things wrap up, Zach’s father makes it clear they hope she has good intentions and this will be a lasting marriage.

The next day, Zach alludes to the fact that he and Michaela had sex. He mentions it may be another reason why they were matched. I highly doubt that, but I am glad to see that they have chemistry.  I think we all knew it was only a matter of time, before they had sex. My only hope is they don’t rush things and ruin their budding relationship.

Bao & Johnny

Married At First Sight Recap: One Day Down, A Lifetime To Go

The next morning, Johnny and Bao reminisce over their college days. She still has their messages from years ago in phone. While reading through their texts, she discovers her husband ghosted her back in the day. Later, Johnny meets with Bao’s family and draws concerns when confesses that in the past he moved on quickly in relationships. Meanwhile, the women in his family welcome Bao to the family. When Bao and Johnny meet up, she immediately asks about his father. Johnny is still hurt that he didn’t have his father’s support. But Bao manages to cheer him up with her positive outlook for the future.

Now that the couples know where they are going for their honeymoon, Bao breaks out her packing excel spreadsheet. Johnny laughs, but he is known for creating his own checklists, as well. He even refers to his wife as him, on steroids. Although, Bao’s way of life would be too time consuming for some, you have to admit the girl is efficient.

Their first night on their honeymoon, Bao suggests Johnny sleep in a different bed. She thought her snoring would prevent him from getting good sleep. But he would rather hear her snore, than sleep alone. Just when you thought their night would end in a sweet way, Johnny asks about what she prefers sexually. I thought she may get upset, but she actually takes the question in stride.




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