Married At First Sight Recap: The Keys to My Heart

The Married At First Sight  newlyweds have only known each other for three days, but they finally will get a glimpse of married life while vacationing together. This is when the show really starts to pick up. While on vacation, each person will get a chance to observe their spouse’s habits. They will also have the opportunity to have some of the deeper discussions that will reveal if their marriage can truly work. I don’t know about them, but I am already seeing several red flags.

Five pairs of strangers are whisked away to the Florida Keys to begin the journey of learning who they’ve just married. One groom learns that his new bride is extremely hard to please. Another couple’s honeymoon is over before it even begins. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Rachel & Jose

On their first morning of the honeymoon, Rachel decides to voice some red flags she has noticed with Jose. Namely, she doesn’t want to be treated like a child by her husband. He has tried feeding her and brushing her teeth, which she found to be a little weird. She considers herself very independent and doesn’t want married life to take that away from her. Jose dismisses her concerns as just the way he caters to his wife.  Although I don’t think those examples are a big deal, I have a feeling this conversation is far from over.

Rachel is nervous about moving into Jose’s home when they leave their honeymoon. She is struggling with him wanting to take the role of the provider. She wants to contribute equally in their marriage. This is going to be a problem, if one or both of them don’t compromise. From what we have seen so far, it seems Jose is in a better place, financially.  He wants her to start feeling like what is his is also hers. But I can also understand that will be a hard transition, considering they have only known one another for three days. Given what Rachel has shared about not being good with money, I’m sure he is going to insist on his way of doing things.

Bao & Johnny

Bao admits that she has a swim suit fetish. She collects it just to wear it at home. Johnny is shocked that she would waste her money on something that never sees the light of day. But, it is almost like lingerie to her. That is first I have heard of this, but do you girl! Anything that makes a woman feel confident and sexy is well worth the purchase.

The other couples are shocked when they find out that Bao and Johnny actually knew one another before they got Married At First Sight. But they stress they were only acquaintances in college, so they are still trying to get know each other on a romantic level. Bao finally gets to show off one of her swimsuits and Johnny is definitely impressed.

Johnny enlists Jose’s help to plan a romantic night for Bao. She is impressed when she sees he has planned a picnic on the beach. He takes things a step further, when he confesses his growing feelings for her. Aww… this is so sweet. I know it took a lot for him to express his feelings, when he wasn’t sure if it would be reciprocated.  After a long awkward pause, Bao confirms she feels the same way. I have high hopes for these two. Hopefully they don’t prove me wrong.

After a romantic night, Johnny is hoping to get a little closer to Bao. But she hits him with a curveball when she asks him not to make fun of her snoring. She has been so insecure about it, that she wouldn’t sleep when in the company of others, at times. Well, I guess no make out session for Johnny tonight.

Myrla & Gil

It’s another day and another complaint from Myrla. I don’t know how Gil can deal with her. I’m annoyed and I am just a viewer. But instead of being turned off, he feels that her strong personality indicates that she can be trusted. This guy has the patience of a saint. Later, Gil reveals to the other couples that he has yet to receive a kiss from Myrla. He also shares that she is extremely particular and he waits out her “tantrums” like he would a toddler.

During a romantic dinner, Gil tells Myrla they are the only couple who hasn’t actually kissed. Although they are married, she wants to build a strong foundation, before jumping into any type of intimacy. After dinner, they indulge in her favorite dessert, while they get know each other better.

Gil gets Myrla to join him on a surprise sea plane ride, despite her motion sickness. But before the ride is over, she feels sick and wants to end things early. Well, I guess she gets points for at least trying. Honestly, I don’t think these two are going to last long term.  But if it doesn’t, no one can say that Gil didn’t give it his all.

Brett & Ryan

During a couple’s massage, Ryan implies he is ready for him and Brett to progress to a more sexual relationship. She hasn’t had sex in quite some time and wants to take things slow. At their first dinner together on their honeymoon, they get into some deeper discussions about sex, children and intimacy. I’m not sure what I think about this relationship. There certainly doesn’t seem like there are fireworks, but they both claim to be attracted to one another. There is something about him that makes me suspicious. Maybe it is because he doesn’t show any emotions. I think I am waiting for him just to explode one day.

Michaela & Zack

Unfortunately, Zach has fallen ill during the honeymoon.  He and his wife, Michaela are staying in separate rooms to not risk her getting sick. Later, he finds out that he has been diagnosed with Covid. Michaela is disappointed that their honeymoon is ruined and doesn’t want to be away from her husband.  But he would rather she be alone, than get sick. I wish she would have been a little more understanding towards how he was feeling. The last thing he is worried about is being on vacation, when he feels terrible.

Michaela calls Rachel to inform her that Zach has Covid. She has made the decision to return to Houston while he quarantines in Florida alone.  It’s not clear if this was a mutual decision or if Michaela felt like there was no point in staying. Hopefully she will find a way to support her husband through this ordeal. I think it will be crucial, since it’s their first challenge and they barely know one another.



[Photo Credit: Lifetime]