Married At First Sight Recap: Family & Friends & Feelings, Oh My!

The Married At First Sight couples dive into domestic life together. They celebrate their new homes and welcome friends to their housewarming parties. One husband sees red flags that remind him of past toxic relationship. Another wonders if he was ready for marriage at all. It seems the more time these couples spend together; the more they question their relationships.

This episode displays the reason why I love when the couples move in together. There is only so long you can hide your true personality. If you truly want to know someone, vacation or live with them. Honestly, I am starting to lose hope for many of the couples. I see some red flags waving furiously in the wind, despite it still being early in the season. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Michaela & Zack

Despite their counseling session, Zach and Michaela’s relationship hasn’t gotten any better.  He decides to vent to his friend about his marital issues. At least, he met with someone who was level headed. His friend advises him to be patient. He also believes Zach should be more realistic about the challenges of marriage, especially when you are strangers. Currently, Zach is struggling with Michaela’s confrontational nature. Sigh! Michaela, you may want to calm down and just get to know your husband. You may be married, but that doesn’t mean he will just put up with anything. He grew up crocheting and making soap, he clearly is not the type to want to argue all the time.

After initially telling Zach she no longer wanted to have a housewarming party, Michaela decides to move forward. It’s evident that the vibe between them has changed. He pulls her friends to the side and asks how he should deal with her rash behavior in the future.  One of her friends believes she is acting differently because she is out of her comfort zone.  Meanwhile, Michaela admits to his friend that she realizes she has made some mistakes. His friend gives her clear instructions on how to communicate with a man like Zach. He needs to be with a woman who can speak calmly and respectfully. Honestly, I don’t think we have seen the last of Michaela’s tantrums. If she is acting this way in the first two weeks, who knows what is to come. I don’t blame Zach for now being hesitant. Hopefully Michaela can learn to express her feelings and expectations in a healthier manner. The man was all alone with Covid for weeks, give him a break.

After the party, Michaela apologizes for her behavior. But Zach feels like he needs to take a step back at this point. He even admits that he is so upset he has been having anxiety. Michaela tries to resolve things, but it is obviously too little too late. This relationship is on life support.  I wonder what the hell his last girlfriend unleashed on him that he is now afraid to even be around Michaela.

Myrla & Gil

Gil is realizing that Myrla doesn’t just splurge on clothes and shoes. She doesn’t feel the need to budget on any of her household expenses. When they share how much they have in savings, I’m sure no one is shocked to learn they are in two different tax brackets. Gil claims he has a savings account in Columbia that he can’t touch. Insert side eye here. It seems very convenient that after seeing the amount in his wife’s account, he has money that can’t be accessed in another country. Sigh! Maybe he is telling the truth, but they can’t use those funds for a house or anything else. If he plans to stay with Myrla, it seems like he is going to need every dollar he can get his hands on.

I would never take Gil for a gossip, but as soon as he left the other grooms, he tells Myrla all the details. Later, he introduces his wife to his mother via video chat. His mom was unable to come to the wedding because she lives in Columbia. She is elated that her son has found someone to spend his life with. I’m not sure if she realizes this marriage could very likely end in a divorce in six weeks.

Myrla and Gil enjoy a fun night with their friends to celebrate their new apartment together. Once again, their conversation shifts to her lifestyle and spending habits. Myrla is adamant that she isn’t going to change anything about the life she lives. Gil also tells everyone he worries that his wife will never kiss him. Michaela’s friend reassures Gil that she moves slower in relationships. Meanwhile, she tells Gil’s friend she is driven by money, unlike her husband. She also adds that she isn’t willing to move into an apartment like his either. Wow! Well, tell us how you really feel. I don’t see this marriage being sustainable. Gil is being patient but I don’t think it will be rewarded.

Brett & Ryan

Brett and Ryan both meet with friends separately to discuss their marriage. Ryan is concerned that his wife can be high strung at times, while he is more carefree and adventurous. Meanwhile, Brett is just happy that she pushed herself to try something new. Although they both point out concerns, they both feel like their relationship is progressing. At the housewarming party everything goes extremely well. All of their friends are interacting and having a good time. But I have a feeling that Brett is a lot more social than Ryan.

Bao & Johnny

Bao meets with her brother and gives him an update him on Johnny. Thankfully, she has someone to give her a male perspective because she tends to overanalyze things. She doesn’t seem to be able to disconnect her thoughts about him in college from the person he is today. Yes, I know they knew each other before, but that was many years ago. Most people have evolved since college.

When Johnny meets with the other grooms he admits that he is having issues with Bao. Although he is attracted to her physically, he doesn’t like her personality. Several of the men advise him to continue to try to work on things. In a post interview, he becomes emotional and questions if he is even ready to be married. Johnny is definitely conflicted.  I’m glad he was able to see that the issue could also be him and not just Bao.

While getting ready for bed, Bao notices something seems off with Johnny. He confesses that he isn’t sure that he is ready to be married. Honestly, I think they both may be overthinking the situation. I do believe Johnny has some valid concerns. I don’t think he should completely blame himself for their lack of chemistry. Both of them need to learn to compromise and humor their partner on some things. I have to admit, Bao saying she doesn’t like to shower would be a turn off for me, as well.

Bao and Johnny host an island themed housewarming party for their family and friends. Given that he just admitted he isn’t sure he wants to be married, I don’t know how this is going to go. Bao’s friend gifts Johnny with a book on how to pleasure a woman. Well, talk about an ice breaker.  They have to first figure out if they even like each other, before they can get some use out of that book.

Rachel & Jose

Rachel and Jose host a housewarming with their families and they seem like they have all known each other for years. But when the conversation shifts to budgeting, things get more serious. Jose even breaks out his handy dandy white board to show everyone his prized budget.  Rachel admits to her Jose’s step -mother and her friend she is afraid to lose things that are important to her. Jose needs to add a vacation into their budget. If Rachel is willing to compromise, he should as well. She is passionate about traveling and that isn’t going to just change.



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