Married At First Sight Recap: Could This Be Love?

The five pairs of Married At First Sight  couples enter their third week of marriage.  One couple contemplates using the “L word,” while the other four do anything they can to ignite a fire between them. Just when you think you figured out who is definitely going to get a divorce, things keep evolving. If I am being honest, I don’t have high hopes for most of the couples this season. I am praying I am wrong because I genuinely want things to work, if that is possible.

This episode shows the reason why this show will always keep you guessing. Anyone who has been a fan of this show knows all the ups and downs that begin to start, once the newlyweds move in together.  But no one has completely given up yet. Given that this has happened many times in previous seasons, things may not be so bad. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Brett & Ryan

Brett is starting to grow deeper feelings for Ryan. Unfortunately for her, he doesn’t feel the same way. In the past he has been known to fall in love quickly. But instead of falling into old habits, he is struggling to find a spark. Later, they share details about their past relationships and what they need for their marriage to progress. Ryan admits he feels he has missed opportunities by waiting too long to return his partners affections. I don’t know what to think. Ryan just seems completely uninterested in everything.

Brett speaks to some of the other couples about Ryan’s revelation about not feeling a spark with her. She is advised to tell him that he has to work at it, for that to happen. It seems like Ryan has some type of fantasy about how things should happen. Did he forget that he decided to marry a complete stranger? In most cases, you are not going to have an instant connection. That is the purpose of trusting the process and trying to find common ground.

Michaela & Zack

Michaela and Zach are still struggling to get on the same page, since their big fight. He even resorted to staying at his apartment alone, rather than be in the same household. He finally returns to speak to her, but tries to explain himself by telling a confusing story. Basically, he wants to change the way they communicate. Zach feels like his wife is very confrontational and immature in the way she handles problems. Honestly, I think they both need to learn how to communicate. Michaela definitely acts out when she is hurt, but then again, so does he. I don’t know how this is going to work. Zach may be too sensitive to handle a relationship with someone with such a strong personality. But after a tense exchange, they both decide they are willing to do what is necessary to improve their marriage.

Michaela and Zach go out for dinner for a change of scenery after finally making up. They both reveal some very interesting details about their past. I would have never guessed neither of them has ever been in love. Zach invokes Jose when goes over a long checklist of everything he wants in a woman. Although Michaela still is on guard, she definitely seems more calm and open to her husband.

Zach organizes a virtual cooking class for he and Michaela to learn how to make shrimp scampi. It turns out neither of them know how to cook, AT ALL. They even had trouble boiling water.  Somehow they were able to end the night with a product that looked edible. It was nice to see them actually getting along and smiling together. Let’s see how long that will last.

Bao & Johnny

Bao shows off her cooking skills when she makes dinner for Johnny.  The meal turns sour when she inquires about him saying he may not be ready for marriage.  Johnny becomes defensive and frustrated when he feels that his wife is making assumptions about his feelings. He also admits that although he doesn’t feel a spark now, he wants to find one with her. Sigh! Johnny, come on. You can’t tell a woman that if you were dating you would be gone and you don’t feel chemistry and expect them not feel a way about it. It seems like he wanted to just have a nice dinner and ignore the elephant in the room.

Later, Johnny and Bao do some homework from the experts to learn more about each other. The questions challenge them to dig deep and communicate their true feelings. All of that talk of intimacy must have worked because they end the night early and run straight to the bedroom. They even get rid of the pillow barrier between them in bed. That is definitely progress!  I have to give credit to Bao, most women would have shut down after hearing Johnny’s concerns. Instead of pushing her away, it seems to have made her want to try harder.

Bao wins some major points with Johnny when she surprises him with three of his favorite things on a Friday night. He comes home to beer, fried chicken and bar games. They even confess to consummating their marriage, the night before. Bao agrees to do whatever her husband wants to do in the bedroom, if she loses at darts. Insert side eye! Well, these two didn’t just take a step forward, they have made some leaps. Hopefully they continue having fun together and don’t regret their decision to be intimate.

Johnny organizes a date night at home with painting and champagne. But when Bao begins to focus more on a perfect picture, than just enjoying the moment, he begins to get frustrated again. He decides to just go with the flow rather than shut down. To be honest, Johnny is going to have to learn to accept that his wife has an analytical personality. He will either embrace her little quirks, or he can let them drive him crazy.

Myrla & Gil

Myrla and Gil are forced to answer some difficult questions about intimacy. I truly don’t understand these two. I am getting total friend/roommate vibes. Gil isn’t in love yet, but he could see himself going in that direction. Are there some deep conversations or kisses happening behind the scenes? I don’t get it. Their interactions and conversations seem very superficial. Gil even tries to give her foot massage as a romantic gesture. Instead of Myrla relaxing and enjoying the moment, she complains the entire time. This man has the patience of a saint. I don’t think I would be able to remain so optimistic.

When Myrla says that she wants a husband who would be a brunch partner, Gil finally questions her intentions. He makes it clear that he needs to feel wanted as a man. He doesn’t want to feel like he is just a prop that is being used to fulfill some type of fantasy. Instead of reassuring him, she laughs and says she really wants brunch. These two have some huge fundamental differences and unless Myrla is willing to actually start taking her relationship seriously, I don’t see how this can work. Myrla, girl, you are coming off as very self-absorbed and it’s not cute at all.

Rachel & Jose

Rachel and Jose decide to relax with some goat yoga. I don’t know how much actual yoga they did, but at least they had fun with the animals. Later, they talk more about their past and the future. Jose drops a bomb when he claims he has never been in love. Rachel is shocked because he has been in long term relationships that have lasted years. She begins to question will he be slow to fall in love with her. Rachel isn’t the only one who has some concerns. Jose inquires about the circumstances behind her cheating on an ex-boyfriend. He wonders if she could be capable of making the same mistake again.

Rachel and Jose host their first Married At First Sight barbeque for all of the couples. She admits to some of the other ladies that her husband has a hard time listening at times. But despite his faults, she feels like she could be on the verge of falling in love. Well, those feelings must have progressed quickly. Rachel tells Jose she loves him and he returns the sentiment.


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