Married At First Sight Recap: Locked Out

The experts give the Married At First Sight  couples some sexy assignments to help build trust and intimacy. While some couples enjoy the added spice, others feel distance from their partner. They are forced to dig deeper than ever before to explore a new level to their relationships. After only living as husband and wife the past 2 weeks this should definitely be interesting.

I guess week 3 is a charm! This episode shows some relationships progressing while others go downhill. One groom shows a more explosive side of his personality. One wife struggles with the fact her husband isn’t attracted to her. This episode is filled with drama. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Michaela & Zack

Zach and Michaela are still taking baby steps to get back to a better place in their relationship. When Dr. Viviana Coles comes to visit, things take another left turn. Zach is never going to forgive Michaela for going off when she thought he left their apartment one night. He basically admits he doesn’t trust his wife not to have explosive knee jerk reactions. I can understand why one may side eye someone for that type of behavior. But I don’t think it’s fair to psychoanalyze a person after only knowing them less than a month. Michaela did a nice job holding her composure while being judged.  Once Dr. Viviana leaves, Zach shuts down and becomes extremely emotional. Okay… Zach may not have been ready to be married or even in a relationship. At first I was on his side, but he has walked out on his wife numerous times. It’s starting to feel like he just doesn’t want to do the work necessary to save his marriage. He wants everything to be perfect and when it isn’t, he just gives up.

Zach plans a special evening at a family friend’s house for Michaela. While there, they complete the intimacy exercise from the experts. They each take a turn blindfolding one another and answering questions about their feelings. I love this exercise! There must be something about the blindfold because they are actually communicating well.

I spoke too soon. Just when I thought things were going well, everything goes downhill again. When Michaela asks Zach does he see a future for them, he says it’s doubtful. He was so brutally honest.  I literally giggled from nervousness. Who goes out of their way to say they like a person, but can’t see things progressing? I dated a guy who was very similar to Zach many moons ago. He will always compare or judge her to a certain extent.


Brett & Ryan

Dr. Viviana meets with Brett and Ryan to check in on their progress as a married couple. During the conversation, he reveals that he isn’t attracted to his wife. Naturally, Brett is hurt by his remarks. She becomes emotional recalling her past of always feeling like she was waiting on a man to choose her. As much as I hate to admit it, at least her told her now rather than later. But I definitely understand why Brett is hurt. No one wants to feel rejected by someone you like.  Obviously, it was all too much for Ryan to deal with because soon after, he returns to his home for alone time.

Ryan finally returns to his shared apartment with Brett after taking time to himself. He claims that he is in a better place and feels more comfortable being open. Although he still isn’t attracted to his wife, he isn’t quite ready to return to the single life. I guess time will tell.

Rachel & Jose

Dr. Viviana jumps right into the sex questions when she speaks with Rachel and Jose. Although they are a little shy about the topic, they admit things are going well in that area. These two are elated to be married to one another. Let’s face it, right now they are the only hope for this season.

Well I guess I spoke too soon. While hanging out at the clubhouse, Rachel calls Jose by another man’s name. When they return to the apartment he is furious. Producers step in to try to calm the situation down. I must say, he is a very different guy when he is angry. Not only was he cursing at Rachel, he threatened to throw his ring at her. He also told her to leave the apartment.  Naturally, she is upset and shocked by his behavior. Honestly, I think its best she found out now.  You never truly know a person until you see them experience every emotion.

The next morning, Jose acts like nothing ever happened. Rachel reveals that he locked her out of the apartment when she left to walk the producer out. The footage shows her attempting to knock on the doors of the other couples at 1am to find shelter. As she explains why she is upset, Jose has no reaction. He even double downs by saying he was just securing the property. What! Locking a woman out in the middle of the night with nothing is wrong. He took things a little too far. I would have never guessed that he would have reacted, so strongly. Maybe he has been hanging out with Michaela. What a difference a day makes! They went from this season’s star couple to on the verge of a divorce.

Rachel is so upset she tells Jose she can’t stay married to him. He once again has no reaction. She reads him a letter she wrote 2 weeks ago about some of her concerns in the marriage. Jose is blindsided and questions why she didn’t say anything sooner. Later, during a golf outing Jose fills in the guys about his argument with Rachel. None of them believe he accidentally locked out his wife. In fact, Ryan reveals that the name she called her husband was Johnny. Okay at this point, Jose may be insane. Did this guy really go crazy because she accidentally called him by a castmate’s name?

Bao & Johnny

Bao and Johnny show their vulnerable sides when they answer intimate questions from a jar. I definitely think the more they get to know each other they grow as a couple. Or maybe it’s the sex. Ever since they started getting frisky they began to appear happy together. Hopefully they continue in a positive direction. We may need to fall back on this couple now that Rachel and Jose have fallen from grace.

Myrla & Gil

When Myrla and Gil meet with Dr. Viviana I was very confused by some of their responses. First, they both rate each other a 7 for emotional intimacy. Huh? For physical intimacy, Myrla says another 7, while Gil gives it a 5. Myrla must be in another world. I don’t know what man would wait an unknown amount of time just for a kiss.  She is even shocked when Gil repeats that he will ask for a divorce if things continue in the direction they are going. Of course he wants to feel like his wife is attracted to him.

Gil attempts to complete the intimacy exercise with Michaela.  But because she isn’t comfortable with physical intimacy, there isn’t much they can do. But despite their issues, they seem comfortable with one another.


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