Married At First Sight Recap: Caution: Feelings Approaching

The Married At First Sight  couples have reached their one-month milestone. Love is growing for some, while others are trying not to run in the opposite direction. I must admit this group is one of the first seasons to keep me guessing. Usually there is one or two couples that clearly belong together or don’t. But this season, there have been so many ups and downs it hard to guess, at this point.

One husband is fed up with his wife’s lies.  An unforeseen death alters the course of another couple’s journey. This episode definitely delivers the drama. Just when you think you have figured someone out things change again. I thought I knew who would stay or leave, but even that seems to change from week to week. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Rachel & Jose

After having a whirlwind romance, Rachel and Jose are struggling to get to a better place after their explosive fight. She is still concerned that she doesn’t really know her husband. Jose doesn’t seem to see the seriousness of locking out his wife after cursing her out at 1 a.m.  But I guess he realizes the damage he has done. When he finally gives a sincere apology, Rachel decides to move forward. Insert side eye here. I still think she deserved a lot more after his behavior.

Jose creates index cards with things he promises to work on for Rachel and his marriage. In short, he is agreeing to do the opposite of everything he did wrong the night he lost his mind. In turn, his wife will continue to be up front whenever she feels uncomfortable. Although I appreciate the sentiment, it’s kind of sad he has to create reminders to not disregard his wife’s safety and feelings. I don’t think Rachel will ever truly trust him until she is confident he can handle his emotions.

Jose surprises Rachel with a romantic dinner on an empty baseball field. He even agrees to keep separate checking accounts to make her happy. Hmm… maybe he is finally learning it takes two to make a marriage. I am going to keep my eye on Mr. Jose. I’m still not convinced his outburst was a one-time thing.

Brett & Ryan

Ryan sets up a scavenger hunt for Brett. He is still struggling with his attraction for her, but wants to make an effort. Although Ryan isn’t my favorite husband, I really appreciate seeing this romantic side of him. Brett loves the gesture, but is ready for him to make more of an effort in the bedroom. Sigh! If a man told me he wasn’t attracted to me, I wouldn’t want anything from him.

Brett and Ryan’s one month anniversary is bittersweet. After learning her dog, Baxter has kidney failure; she is forced to put him down. Most people would have been too devastated to celebrate, but she wanted to prove to her husband he was important to her. Ryan still doesn’t have romantic feelings for her. If he still doesn’t realize how great his wife is, he doesn’t deserve her. Despite everything thrown at her, she always makes the best out of the situation. A lot of people would have shut down after finding out their spouse isn’t attracted to them.


Michaela & Zack

Zack takes Michaela out for salsa dancing lessons. I was shocked that she just gave up… She clearly isn’t the best dancer, but I wish she would have just let go. Later, she becomes defensive when questioned about not dancing with her husband. After some prodding, it’s obvious she is still upset about Zach saying he doesn’t see a future for them.  He attempts to reassure her that there still could be a chance, despite his current feelings.

For their one month anniversary, Michaela plans a romantic date at a music studio. In a post interview she shares she wants to see her husband happy again. Although I’m still not convinced these two are going to remain married, it’s nice to see them rekindle things. Zach even surprises Michaela with rose petals all over the apartment and a bracelet for their anniversary. She even reveals to the camera she thinks she may be in love with Zach. This is another confusing couple. They have so many issues, but when they get along, it seems like there is hope.

Bao & Johnny

Bao and Johnny celebrate their one year anniversary by jumping out of a plane. I guess adding physical intimacy to their relationship has really propelled them forward in some ways. During lunch, Johnny shares that he wants more spontaneity in their marriage. Bao continues to express her need for more physical touch. These two are so confusing. Their relationship is so up and down it’s hard to keep track.

Bao and Johnny meet with their friends separately to get advice about their relationship. His friend recommends that he stop focusing on the negative and find ways to solve the issue. Later during a group dinner, Bao airs some of her and Johnny’s issues to the group. It becomes immediately clear that he isn’t happy. This is one of those moments where Johnny would run for the hills, if they weren’t married. Instead, he decides to go outside and vent to Jose. He even goes as far to say that he feels that Bao is very manipulative and calculating.

Myrla & Gil

Gil plans a special date for Myrla at a winery for their one month anniversary.  They both express that their feelings are growing for one another. I am honestly shocked they have gotten to this point. Gil wins the most patient man award. Myrla definitely hasn’t made their first month easy, but he has managed to go with the flow. In turn, Myrla is starting to thaw and show that she actually likes her husband. She even plans a romantic evening celebrate their anniversary.



[Photo Credit: Lifetime]