Married At First Sight Recap: Is There Someone Else?

As the Married At First Sight  couples settle into everyday life, some look forward to their future together. While others begin to question everything they think they know about their marriage. When one bride calls for an expert intervention, things get intense quickly. I have to admit, the women this season are very resilient. I don’t think I could be half as patient with some of these guys.

This season has been a whirlwind. Just when you think you have things figured out, things change. Most of this group changes their minds from week to week. I honestly don’t think I would be able to predict who is going to stay married just yet. Some of these people change like the wind. While this constant shift may not work for predictions, it definitely serves its purpose for drama.  Let’s get straight into the recap!

Brett & Ryan

Brett is still dealing with the loss of her dog, Baxter. On top of everything else, the distance between her and Ryan is growing by the day. She meets with a friend to vent about her marital concerns. In her mind, things have changed drastically from when they first met. Meanwhile, Ryan gets some sound advice from Zack at the gym. It’s clear that Ryan is completely checked out and unlikely to do anything Zack suggests.

Brett plans a fun physical activity for the couples in hopes of getting closer to Ryan. Although he had a great time, I doubt he is going to suddenly change his mind. Later, he tells Brett once again, he isn’t attracted to her. To add insult to injury, he informs her he is going to start sleeping in the other bedroom. For some reason, Brett wants him to be even more up front with her. Umm… what else is there left for him to say? It’s pretty clear to me that he isn’t interested. I probably would have packed my bags.

Myrla & Gil

Gil wants to prove that he is taking his marriage to Myrla seriously. His lease for his apartment will be up soon and he decides not to renew it. When he informs Myrla, he is reminded that it will take a lot to meet her standards. But I guess he is feeling up for the challenge. Gil has even gone out of his way to go apartment shopping for their new place after the experiment. Knowing what we know about Myrla, I’m not sure that is a good idea.

Rachel & Jose

Rachel and Jose are continuing to move forward in their relationship after their explosive argument. After his crazy behavior, he clearly knows he needs to be on his best behavior. He is pulling out all the stops like washing dishes and taking his wife for wine tasting. Hopefully this version of Jose lasts and he doesn’t morph back into whoever he became when he got angry. Honestly,  I would be afraid to see him upset again after such a stark contrast in his personality. If he acted that way in front of cameras, I can only imagine how he would react when they are no longer around.

Bao & Johnny

Johnny is feeling cautious with Bao after some comments she made to the other couples that he felt was untrue. But they both seem to be trying to move forward for the sake of their marriage. While making dinner, Bao reveals that she doesn’t think she would say no on decision day. Johnny isn’t quite ready to make any decisions, just yet. In fact, he suddenly confronts Bao on her lack of effort on a daily basis. Of course, Bao doesn’t agree and tries to voice all of the things she does to support her husband. Frustrated, Johnny leaves the apartment for the night. Sigh! Honestly, I think he is still upset with the stunt Bao pulled in front of the other couples. But instead of telling her that, he questions her effort.

Johnny is still feeling disconnected from Bao. After inviting her to a family event, he decides to ask her not to come. He even speaks badly about her to his family. Wow! Now Johnny, I understood why you were mad at the group dinner, but you are doing too much. He keeps stating he wants romance and to see this extreme amount of effort. If I am being honest, I wouldn’t say Bao doesn’t make any effort. There have been several instances when he has run away from their problems or said things to make her feel bad. Instead of shut down, she has been patient and continues to give him grace to figure things out. There would be no way after not coming home for the night AND disinviting me to an event, I would be at home meal prepping for him. He clearly expects some type of fantasy that he may never find. Even his family encourages him to be realistic.

Bao enlists the help of Pastor Calvin Roberson and the truth finally comes out. Johnny reveals he feels like his wife is not genuine. He cites the couple’s dinner as an example of her not being truthful. Pastor Calvin immediately sees through the bs. He questions if Johnny is trying to sabotage his marriage because he has feelings for another woman. Instead of answering the question, he deflects and says he wishes he was matched with anyone else. Ouch! Johnny is radiating contempt for Bao during this conversation. Is something else happening behind the scenes? Despite all of their issues, I haven’t seen anything to warrant this level of disrespect. He finally admits that there is no one else, but he compares her to what he considers an ideal wife. Pastor Calvin scolds him for berating Bao who is literally taking all of his insults without reacting. I’m sorry, she is better than me. I would have shut down a long time ago.

Michaela & Zack

Michaela and Zack are making great strides to get back to a good place. Although they seem to be enjoying each other’s company, I’m not sure he is completely over everything. I honestly think he wants things to end amicably, if they don’t stay together. I haven’t forgotten he casually said he didn’t see a future with Michaela, just last week.

Michaela meets with her sister to share what she has learned from married life. Although they have had several issues she feels she is growing into a better person. Even her sister admits that in the past she was prone to bottle up her feelings and then explode. When asked how she feels about Zack, Michaela admits she loves him. Insert side eye. Well, this is going to be awkward if he doesn’t return the sentiment.


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