Married At First Sight Recap: Tears, Jeers, and 25 Cent Martinis

Married At First Sight  didn’t disappoint! There was no limit to the drama in this episode. This season is definitely a roller coaster ride and I can’t get off. I know I said all the ups and downs makes it hard to predict what is going to happen. I think I am starting to actually like that. Now, this doesn’t bode well for the couples, but it definitely keeps me entertained on Wednesday nights.

With decision day looming, the spouses meet with the experts to discuss unanswered questions about their marriages. One couple has an explosive argument. One groom can’t seem to stop insulting his wife. One wife is too afraid to find out her husband’s true feelings. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Bao & Johnny

Johnny makes the grave mistake of talking to the only other male in the experiment who has more unrealistic expectations than him. Although he and Bao are in a better place this week, Ryan didn’t do him any favors with his negative attitude. Once he arrives home his mood has definitely changed. He proceeds to counsel Bao on what their relationship is lacking. Johnny believes they need to create a stronger friendship and take all intimacy off the table. Naturally, Bao isn’t happy that they are taking several steps backwards. When she expresses her concern, he storms out of the room. Sigh! I’m kind of getting tired of Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Johnny act. Bao has been very patient with his tantrums and its becoming apparent she is over it. If he doesn’t want to continue the relationship, just say that and move on. The constant tantrums and changes in his attitude are exhausting to watch. I can’t imagine being the person they are being directed at. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt because I believe they both have things to work on. But it’s not fair to have a relationship be measured by your feelings for your significant other on a daily basis.

As soon as Johnny meets with Dr. Pepper Schwartz he tells her he doesn’t feel like his best self with Bao. Well, tell us how you really feel!  She encourages him to find a new way to communicate and to stop trying to win. I wonder if he ever apologized for the way he spoke to Bao during the last counseling session.. When Bao meets with Pastor Calvin Roberson it is evident she is check out. She believes Johnny is looking for an out. After feeling belittled at every opportunity, she is drained. Pastor Calvin tries to encourage her not to give up, but there wasn’t much Pastor Calvin could say to defend him. Johnny is probably doing his best to push her away, so he can make a clean break when the experiment is over.

When Johnny and Bao meet after their counseling sessions he immediately apologizes for some of the hurtful things he has said to her. Bao questions why their disagreements escalate so quickly. Well, it didn’t take long for this conversation to take a left turn. He basically tells her he wasn’t attracted to her in college and their lack of chemistry is why their marriage is failing. Ouch! Didn’t he just apologize in beginning of this conversation? Instead of resolving things, this only made it worse. I don’t know about Bao, but I would have given up a long time ago. She is too patient with him. There is no way I would allow him to keep demeaning me.


Myrla & Gil

Mr. Patient aka Gil finally admits that Myrla’s constant whining and complaining is annoying at times. He doesn’t want her negativity to affect him. Pastor Calvin challenges him to have a talk with her about this aspect of her personality.  Meanwhile, Myrla gets drunk on $0.25 martinis before her sit down with Dr. Pepper. Although she is clearly tipsy, she expresses that she truly wants her marriage to work. But once again, her critical nature becomes a topic of conversation. Myrla looks at it as honesty, while others could see it as pessimism. I’m glad someone is finally bringing this issue up. If Myrla wants her marriage to work the way she says, she will make some changes.

Gil confronts Myrla on why she is so negative, at times. She admits that she gets moody when she is uncomfortable. They have a great conversation about the issue and figure out some solutions to the problem. I have to admit I was shocked Myrla wasn’t defensive. Maybe there is more to this relationship than I initially gave them credit for.

Michaela & Zack

Michaela meets with Pastor Calvin to give him an update on her marriage to Zack. She feels that they are taking steps in a positive direction. But she has also noticed he doesn’t seem as happy as he was when they first met. But she doesn’t want to feel responsible for his happiness because that would be too much responsibility. Meanwhile, Zack sits down with Dr. Pepper. He feels things have been going well the last week, but believes it’s because he is choosing for that to happen. He wonders if it should just be natural and not forced. Dr. Pepper explains that she sees everything as an opportunity. The experts matched these two because of their potential and it is up to them what they do with that. When Dr. Pepper asks him what he can do to make his wife more secure in their relationship, he becomes very emotional. He shares that he is a perfectionist, but feels like nothing he does is ever good enough. He knows he projects his high expectations on others. Wow!

Zack admits to Michaela his revelation in his meeting with Dr. Pepper. He finally realizes that his relationships don’t work because he expects perfection. Michaela admits that she still has her guard up because she doesn’t believe he sees a future for them. Now Zack, you did say that. As much as I want these two to work, I don’t believe his heart is truly in it. If I feel that way, of course his wife can see it as well. I just don’t know if they can get back to a good place.

After a fun volleyball outing with the group, Michaela and Zack get into a heated argument. Apparently, they had a discussion about decision day and they both said they would say no. In turn, Michaela didn’t see a point of sharing a room, if their relationship isn’t progressing. Zack wants to keep working on things and doesn’t understand the need for change. Insert side eye here. I understand both of their perspectives. Obviously when Michaela is hurt, she acts out and seeks to hurt the other person. But I can also understand wanting to give up if someone has told you multiple times they just aren’t into you. Unfortunately they are married and have a few more weeks in the experiment, so they can’t just walk away. Why did they have to bring up decision day?

Zack has a video call with his brothers and informs them that Michaela moved out of their apartment. After their argument the night before, Zach decided to go home to his own apartment. An hour later, she texts him to let him know she was packing up. She took everything down to the seasoning. Honestly, I think she has a fear of abandonment issues. This makes sense given her father passing away. I wish she knew how to communicate to Zack how she feels when he leaves.   Sigh! This isn’t going to end well.

Brett & Ryan

Brett admits to Pastor Calvin that she is no longer sure that Ryan is capable of giving her what she needs. She knows that her husband has given up and it has changed her perspective. Pastor Calvin encourages her to have an open and honest conversation about the state of their marriage. Meanwhile, Ryan admits to Dr. Pepper that his marriage is at a stalemate. She points out that he has given up without communicating his feelings to his wife. He claims he will show more effort.  I find that very hard to believe.

Brett and Ryan speak after their counseling sessions and she has a hard time expressing her feelings. She was told to ask him when he gave up on their marriage, but she chickened out. Instead she put the ball back in his court, rather than calling out his behavior. Sigh! Brett, girl stop letting this guy play with your emotions. Also, please clean up that house. On a side note, her living space was disgusting. I think anyone would be turned off by an adult living that way.

Rachel & Jose

Jose meets with Dr. Pepper and she has some advice for him on how to keep his independent wife, Rachel happy. It’s no secret that they are trying to rebuild trust after his explosive outburst when he was upset with her. He fears that one day she may leave if things don’t go her way. Meanwhile, Rachel expresses her happiness to Pastor Calvin. But she does admit she fears that Jose’s angry and vindictive side could rear its ugly head again. I guess only time will tell. But if he ever steps out of line again, he may want to prepare to be single.


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