Married At First Sight Recap: Country Chaos

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight  was explosive to say the least! One person makes a shocking decision that will have lasting effects on their marriage. Another couple contemplates whether their issues are too much to move past. Others are finding new ways to be open and honest with one another.

With only two weeks until Decision Day, the couples travel to a ranch in the country for a retreat. The next couple of weeks will be imperative to make a final decision. The five couples are learning to embrace vulnerability and their past. This proves to be way too much for some. I swear every week things fluctuate between good and bad.  Let’s get straight into the recap!

Bao & Johnny

Things between Bao and Johnny are still tense, but they are trying to be amicable. At this point, they both just seem drained from the experience. When they arrive at the shared quarters, Johnny isn’t thrilled at the prospect of having to share a room with his wife. He even makes his apprehension clear to the other couples. But things work out where they are able to separate bedrooms.

Bao and Johnny share their side of the breakdown in their marriage with the men and women separately. She is clearly at her breaking point. She reveals a period in her childhood when she felt her father was verbally abusive to her mother. She has come to realize that her relationship with Johnny take her back to that place at times. I have to admit, he has said some really hurtful things to Bao with no regard to her feelings. Up until now, she has just grinned and bared it, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Myrla & Gil

Gil and Myrla arrive at the couple’s retreat and she isn’t thrilled with the accommodations. It’s a large barn with lots of open space and shared bathrooms. But she manages to find a bright spot on the trip, horseback riding. Despite the activity, she still manages to find something to complain about. Afterwards, Gil calls her out on her bratty behavior. She doesn’t get defensive and takes in his feedback. Wow! What is Gil doing that we are not seeing? She must really want to maintain their relationship. I would have never have guessed these two would work out.

Michaela & Zack

Since their last explosive fight, Michaela and Zack have supposedly resolved things. This was done behind the scenes, so we have no idea of what that conversation was like. Nonetheless, they have decided to attend the couple’s retreat together. Along the way, they stop and talk about everything that has transpired. They even feed some goats and have some laughs. Although Michaela is over things, Zack isn’t quite there. Honestly, I think she reacts poorly when she is hurt.  He in turn takes these outbursts as evidence of how life would be in the future with her. If they were more open and had some individual and couples counseling, they could have a shot. But, given there is only a couple more weeks in the experiment, that may not be possible.

At dinner, some of the couples express issues in their marriage. Surprisingly, Michaela and Zack actually give them some advice. Umm…. I don’t think a short conversation and an outing with goats qualifies them as experts.. Well, that didn’t last long. Despite all of the fun they had, they get into yet another argument. Apparently they had a discussion the night before, that they need to get a divorce. Zack suggests that they take time apart and try to see if things could work outside of the experiment. All Michaela hears is rejection and begins to act out. Eventually, he just leaves the conversation. Bao is able to talk some sense into her.  Michaela finally realizes that it doesn’t make sense to push him away, if he is still trying. Sigh! These two are exhausting.

While in bed, Zack tries to express his disappointment in his conversation with Michaela earlier. But once again, she becomes defensive. Why does she insist on telling this man to keep leaving, knowing she is going to flip out when he does? I know she has abandonment issues, but this isn’t healthy for either of them. Things get even worse, when Zack tries to leave and she physically takes his suitcase and blocks him. She even comes outside and embarrasses herself further, in front of the other couples.

Michaela has a full meltdown mode and destroys several things in the house. OMG! Girl, you are way too old for this. I know Zack leaving has trigged something in her, but this is not okay. Honestly, I think getting a divorce and taking time to get counseling would be beneficial. I don’t think the person we are seeing on camera is a real representation of her under normal circumstances. I just hate she has let this process and her feelings get her to this point.

Brett & Ryan

On the way to the couple’s retreat, Brett confronts Ryan about whether he is seeing someone else. During last week’s episode, she spoke to one of his female friends who said it may be a possibility. Of course after being blindsided, he is extremely defensive. Once at the barn, Brett decides she would be more comfortable sleeping in her own room, while Ryan sleeps on the couch. It is obvious he was not expecting that. He questions if he should have been more vocal about his desire to put in more effort during the retreat. Well, it may be a little too late for that. I am actually proud of Brett. She has been very patient with her husband, but everyone has a breaking point.

Ryan speaks to the men about how he feels Brett wanting to sleep in separate rooms has ruined his intentions of getting to a better place. Zach questions how her sleeping in a separate room on the trip is any different than what they do at home. Bingo! Clearly, Ryan doesn’t like the feeling of being rejected. Maybe he should think of how he has made his wife feel for weeks.

Brett and Ryan literally don’t know how to communicate with each other. During a double date skeet shooting, he is left disappointed when she doesn’t join in. But he doesn’t ask her to try or even attempt to show her how to shoot. Brett gets anxiety from loud unexpected noises, so even watching was traumatizing for her. She shares that information with Johnny who also chooses to watch, rather than her husband. I’m willing to bet these two barely even talk when the cameras aren’t around. Later, they both finally address the elephant in the room. Brett doesn’t hold anything back, but instead of having an open dialogue, he shuts down.

Rachel & Jose

Rachel shares with the ladies how she has overcome dealing with toxic relationships. She definitely has found her voice with Jose. Initially, she was polite, but now she has no issue with speaking her mind. He has learned his lesson as well. After their last argument, he has been careful to be on his best behavior. Hopefully, things continue on a good note and she never sees his dark side again.


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