Married At First Sight Recap: Weighing the Decision

Decision day for the Married At First Sight couples is fast approaching. Each spouse spends time with friends and loved ones as they weigh they contemplate whether to stay married or get a divorce. I can’t wait until decision day. From the trailer, things are going to get real! I am literally going to be sitting on the edge of my seat. This is the first season, where I have no definite answers. This year has been full of so many ups and downs. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what everyone decides.

This is the last episode before we find out what the future holds for these couples. At this point, I don’t even think some of the spouses are sure. The relationships have been so hot and cold, it will definitely be a surprise. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Brett & Ryan

Ryan is so full of BS! Let’s be honest, shortly after the honeymoon he showed a lack of interest in Brett and his marriage. After discovering he was on a dating app, she finally seems to see the writing on the wall. While out for a day of tennis with a close friend, Ryan expresses remorse. He also claims he isn’t looking forward to being single again. Well, I can’t tell when you are creating a dating profile, while still married.

After Brett’s last conversation with Ryan, he decides to go to their shared apartment and pack up his belongings. Honestly, I don’t think it make much of a difference, since they were living like roommates. Brett expresses her disappointment with the way he handled the situation to her sister. I feel bad for her. Despite constant rejection and losing her dog, she went through the process with grace. I don’t think Ryan deserved to be matched with such a great person. The last day before the couples separate, he comes by the apartment to finally try to clear the air his conscious. SMH… Thankfully, Brett didn’t take the bait. She is cordial, but obviously is over his antics.

Michaela & Zack

Michaela vents to her sister about the state of her marriage after their meeting with Dr. Pepper Schwartz last week. Apparently, after all of the drama she and Zack went out to dinner and even spent the night together. The problem in this relationship is they don’t know how to communicate. I believe they got into a physical relationship too quickly. Instead of actually trying to fix their problems, they seem to just keep breaking up to make up. Sigh! This is not sustainable for a healthy relationship. Michaela craves stability and to know her partner will always be there. Zack on the other hand wants a stress free environment and when that is compromised, he runs. If there are no serious changes they are going to continue to have the same issues.

Zack vents to Gil about his relationship issues. After speaking with Dr. Pepper they are back on speaking terms. He acknowledges that they both have things to work on, but Michaela’s explosive reactions are a deal breaker. He does leave the door open for the future, if they decide to not to stay married. If he thinks he can say no and his wife isn’t going to have a reaction, he hasn’t been paying attention. On decision day, I believe Zack will say no, but I am not so sure about Michaela.

Bao & Johnny

Bao meets with one of her friends to vent about her marriage to Johnny. She still feels betrayed by her best friend and her husband.  I still don’t know why they would even be communicating, especially behind her back. At this point, it just seems like Johnny is looking for any way out. He can’t possibly look back at this season and feel good about some of his actions. Bao is far from perfect, but she doesn’t deserve to have someone treat her with such disdain.

Johnny meets with his friends to talk about his struggles in his marriage. But learning more about his wife’s background, made him feel closer to her. I love that his friends actually challenge him during their discussion. His thought is to run, but they don’t feel he has given his marriage enough of a chance. I’m tired of watching Johnny hold all of the power. I think Bao is finally realizing she has a say in the way things happen, as well. She has made it clear if Johnny says no on decision day, there is no coming back from that, for her.

Johnny plans a romantic dinner to discuss their future. He has been thinking about what his friends said and is contemplating staying together. For Bao, she doesn’t want to give up prematurely on their relationship. Her parents struggled through her childhood, before becoming the happy couple that they are today. So for her, she sees the benefits of fighting through her emotions. I can definitely understand her rationale, but I’m still on the fence about whether this is worth it.

Myrla & Gil

Myrla speaks with one of her friends about her options for decision day. Although she thinks Gil is great, she is concerned about his career, finances and drive. Wow!  Later, he confronts her on her bratty and negative behavior. He even questions if she forgot where she came from. Shocked, she explains her humble beginnings are what drive her. I knew there was a point when he was going to lay down the law. The fact is they are two very different people. Money doesn’t motivate him, while his wife is all about living a luxurious lifestyle. It is obvious, Myrla really likes Gil, but I don’t know if she is able to compromise. If they want this marriage to work, something or someone is going to have to give.


Rachel & Jose

Rachel goes out for drinks with her friend to discuss her marriage. Although she loves Jose, she still has concerns about him not listening and his aggressive nature. They can’t even agree on taking a nice trip every other year. In an effort to remind himself to be a good husband, he has posted written reminders in their home. Insert side eye here. The way Jose reacted the night that he was upset was very telling. I don’t blame her for remaining optimistically cautious. If he did that in front of producers and cameras, who knows what he would do if no one was there.

Jose meets with one of his friends to catch up. He has great things to say about Rachel, but he is wonders whether she can be faithful and a team player. He also mentions that that Rachel sleeping at her ex’s house still bothers him. He conveniently forgets to add he put her in that position, by locking her out at 2am. She definitely should have made a different choice, but as a woman I can understand why you would panic when can’t reach anyone. To be fair, her ex wasn’t her first option, she knocked on several of the other couple’s doors beforehand.




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