Cheer Star Monica Aldama Hasn’t Responded To Letters From Jerry Harris After His Arrest

The latest season of Netflix’s Cheer brought up on a much more emotional ride than season 1. While season 1 introduced us to the Navarro College cheer squad in their quest for a championship, season 2 gave us all the ups and downs that the team had to face once they became stars. The cameras followed the team from the 2020 NCA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championships being cancelled due to the pandemic. They also documented Navarro’s 2021 run to come back and reclaim their title. But one of the biggest talking points of the season was the high profile arrest the show’s beloved cheerleader, Jerry Harris.

In September of 2020, Jerry was arrested on charges of child pornography. The charges were a shock to the team and everyone who knew him, no one more than Coach Monica Aldama. Now Monica is opening up to Entertainment Tonight about Jerry and the toughest year of her cheer career yet. Said Monica, “I think this is a culmination of hit after hit after hit. Dealing with a very mentally challenging time, where things are very different than they normally are, and, of course, the Jerry Harris news and the pandemic, it was a lot. It was challenge after challenge.”

As for the episode that addresses the allegations against Jerry, Monica found it hard to relive. She confessed, “It was tough to watch. But, you know, having the victims be able to talk and tell their story is very important for our industry… As tough as it is to talk about, here it’s necessary in order for us to make our industry safer.”


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Jerry has denied the allegations and is in prison while he awaits trial. During that especially powerful episode, it was revealed that Jerry wrote Monica and several of his teammates letters from prison. Teammate Gabi Butler, who noted on the show that she didn’t want to turn her back on him, responded. As for Monica, she has not written back. She confessed, “It’s just a very difficult situation.”

Watching this season certainly did highlight how difficult the situation was for everyone. Some of those close to Jerry expressed shock, others wished they could have done something to stop it. But what this season did accomplish was a raw look at the not so perfect side of cheerleading.


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[Photo Credit: Jim Spellman/Getty Images]