Married to Medicine Quad Webb

Quad Webb Says Heavenly Kimes And Contessa Metcalfe Will Never Be Friends After Failed Friendship Intervention On Married To Medicine

If you’ve been keeping up with Married to Medicine for the past 9 seasons, then you know Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ mouth can get her into a bit of trouble amongst the ladies. Whether it’s her many low-blows, coming for someone’s mother, or inserting herself into other’s marriages as a relationship expert, Dr. Heavenly definitely puts on a show that keeps us all engaged.

As this season of Married to Medicine starts to pick up, the ladies are wasting no time jumping into the drama. And of course, it all centers around Heavenly and some of her very outspoken opinions made about the ladies on her personal YouTube channel. If you’re like me, then you’re not surprised by what was said because that’s just how Dr. Heavenly plays the game. She did admit to throwing jabs… but says she throws them at everybody. Although that may be true, she doesn’t play well when the roles are reversed. Take that season six moment when Mariah Huq claimed she had receipts regarding Heavenly’s husband Dr. Damon Kimes allegedly being unfaithful. And yes, we are still waiting for those to be produced.

Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe have been at the forefront of most of Heavenly’s attacks. So it’s no surprise they came together to propose an intervention with the rest of the ladies that would feature a video compilation of some of Heavenly’s greatest “hits” in order to really show her how some of her comments have made the rest of the ladies feel.

6 vs. 1… and the one backed in a corner is Dr. Heavenly? Uh-oh.

When Heavenly arrived at Contessa’s house, she of course was ambushed and sat through the compilation of her own statements, and let’s just say… the night didn’t end as peacefully as I’m sure they all hoped. In fact, Contessa and Heavenly seemed to be in an even more strained place than at the start of the season. And Quad Webb’s recent interview with Page Six confirmed that. “Those two will never see eye to eye,” she says. “I don’t think the trust is there anymore. I don’t think that they even desire to want to rebuild or restore a friendship,” Quad finishes.

Despite Heavenly saying disparaging things about Quad as well, Miss Quad had her back. “Heavenly … said a lot of nasty things about every one of us and is that something that a friend should do or a person who says they’re a friend? No, absolutely not,” Quad stated. She also shared publicly that although she didn’t agree with the things Heavenly has done, staging an intervention with her “enemies” was not the best move.


[Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert/Bravo]