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Kim Kardashian Crushes Hillary Clinton In A Legal Knowledge Quiz

When Kim Kardashian first announced that she was going to law school, it’s safe to say that we all rolled our eyes a little bit. Of course, she’s been public about her progress in law school, but based on the name alone, it didn’t seem like a big deal that she passed the “baby bar” exam. On the surface, it all seems like a wealthy celebrity looking for new ways to pass the time. However, slowly but surely, Kim is proving herself to be a real law student, and it’s time we start taking it seriously. Her latest display of knowledge — Entertainment Tonight reported that she just crushed a head-to-head legal quiz against none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and Kim Kardashian in the same room, talking about law, is one of the wildest combinations imaginable. However, the two sat down along with Hillary’s daughter Chelsea Clinton to film for their upcoming docuseries, Gutsy. In the series, Hillary and Chelsea travel around linking up with empowering, “gutsy” women. They met with Kim not to discuss her latest line of Skims or her messy divorce from Kanye West, but rather her journey in law school and why she’s decided to use her celebrity influence to make an impact on the criminal justice system.

“We didn’t interview her about fashion … her many lines of commerce … her personal life. We interviewed about what she was doing to help get people who were unjustly or unfairly incarcerated have a second chance,” Hillary told People in an interview.

“To throw someone’s life away when people really do make changes…I just believe in second chances,” Kim explained.

When it came time for some fun, Hillary and Chelsea challenged Kim to a legal knowledge quiz, Kim versus Hillary. However, before the quiz got underway, the Yale Law School graduate and former Secretary of State admitted that she was a little intimated to go head to head against Kim K.

“I think Kim has an unfair advantage,” Hillary predicted.

Kim has studied more recently than you,” her daughter replied.

The quiz covered questions about deadly force, self-defense, and the difference between extortion and robbery — serious stuff. And it turns out that those recent legal studies paid off because, in the end, Kim Kardashian beat Hillary Clinton 11-4. Hillary called the loss “heartbreaking.”


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If Kim Kardashian has the legal knowledge to outdo Hillary Clinton, who knows what’s next for her? We’ve got to start taking her legal pursuits seriously. Who knows? Maybe Kim will run for president of the United States someday.


[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for ULTA Beauty / KKW Beauty]