Love Island Courtney Boerner

Love Island’s Courtney Boerner Reveals She Wishes There Were More Bisexual Islanders On The Show

If you’re a fan of CBS’ Big Brother — then you’ll definitely take an interest in Peacock’s Love Island USA. This show takes a group of contestants, also known as “islanders”, and places them in a villa cut off from the outside world. Sound familiar so far?

Oh, they’re also under constant video surveillance. Survival on the island comes down to one thing — being “coupled” up with another islander. Throughout the course of the show, islanders are forced to “re-couple” and if they remain single after the swap, they are eliminated or “dumped” from the island.

Well, the newest dumped islander spoke with Page Six and has decided to open up about their experience. Courtney Boerner, a member of the LGBTQ+ community dove right into telling some of their castmates (or fellow islanders) about her sexual orientation and being bisexual. The cast on this show for the most part identifies as heterosexual so I love that Courtney stepped onto the island and was her true authentic self.

Regarding her time in the villa, she said, “Oh my God, I had so much fun in there! I got to kiss so many sexy women, so I was having a lot of fun — as well as hot guys obviously.” Courtney is only the second openly bisexual woman to be cast on the show since the USA version first aired in 2019. She adds, “Incorporating more bi contestants would be really interesting. I think that would be cool because I would have loved to have more women who were openly part of the community in there.”

Couldn’t agree more, Courtney. It would be great to see more representation across all forms of reality tv in the coming years. We watch for the drama of course — but also for the relatability aspect as well. I know I can’t be the only one who watches a show and immediately picks out my favorites. We typically end up rooting for the ones we see a little, or a lot, of ourselves in.

Courtney shares that it was fun to talk about different scenarios with the girls on the island and also reveals that she kept dreaming about “sexy bisexual girls” taking over the villa. She adds that she hopes the producers are “thinking about it too.”


[Photo Credit: Casey Durkin/Peacock via Getty Image]