(Photo by: Stephanie Diani/Bravo via Getty Images)

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Finale Recap: Loud on the Bluffs

It’s Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard finale time! And tonight, is deemed “major.” Everyone’s plus one (or family) is coming in to the Vineyard, and we’re going out with a bang.

The Cooper couple is at it again – struggling to iron Silas Cooper’s pants as well as iron out their struggles. It leads to Silas venting to the men, but it’s not landing with them either. They listen, but in confessional, Amir Lancaster says “Loosen up … you’re a grown ass man,” implying he can make his own food. And when Amir helps with his meal later, Silas says, “Men don’t bring each other food.”   

Silas tells us he makes plans and executes them and can’t handle going with the flow. Fast forward to him in a bad mood because Jasmine Ellis Cooper was not there to steam his suit. Steam your own suit then? Women across America are speechless.

Legacy of Oak Bluffs

We hit up Oak Bluffs with a legit tour guide taking us into the vineyard. The guide expresses how deep the location is steeped in black history from property ownership to places of worship, to notable guests. It punctuates the episode and we flow right into party prep with a renewed sense of why this group is here.

In regard to the party, it’s on another level compared to Summer House OG July 4 parties. You could say it’s a little classier than Loverboy and mullets, but it’s a whole different dynamic. The drinks are flowing, the music is serene, and the friendship connections are there. We get everything from Lux on the Bluffs and a toast to Martha.

Pot stirring

One thinks for a moment, it’s going to a no muss, no fuss evening, but no – it’s Bravo after all. Bria Fleming corners Nick Arrington’s girlfriend, Tasia after she goes to the bathroom. It looks innocent enough, but Bria goes in for the tea. She’s at the level of almost spilling her wine glass all over the tan couch, but recovers to mention’s Nick’s DMs to all the other ladies in the house. Tasia’s not taking the bait though.

Bria moves on, and all of a sudden, there “arose such a clatter” because she wants to know what the issues are with the Cooper couple. Everyone walks over and says table your marriage issues, and on to shots. Jasmine says they need a marriage counselor when they get back to New York.

Commotion ends the night

Simon Marco is enjoying the party so much he jumps in the pool with half his suit and watch still on (possibly one of those watches he promotes for a living). You could say Vacation Simon is lit and he returns in yet another dapper suit. However, Vacation Bria doesn’t want to be left with Milo, her ESA dog as she drags him around on his leash. She confronts Simon for “buggin.” Dog owners across America are astonished.

Bria gets aggressive and Summer Marie Thomas gets involved. It’s two different stories and the alcohol is leading this conversation. Can Summer even tell what’s going on? Who knows, but she tries to create peace any way. The peace doesn’t last long because there is yelling and now there is conflict with Summer. It goes to 100 and they fight in slow motion because the level of intoxication is so high.

Bria thinks Summer shouldn’t get involved in her relationship. Rewind to Bria getting involved in Nick, Jasmine, and Silas’ business earlier in the night.

Girl, bye

Can we decompress and go home? Nope, not today because Silas starts in with the “you’re not talking to your husband that way” pillow talk. Let’s sum it up as half the house enjoys using the word “disrespected.” Lux on the Bluffs reached a toxic level, but there is some resolve before they leave.

Nothing is actually resolved, but maybe by next summer. Everyone gives love on the way out the door. And that’s a wrap.