Culver Bradbury’s Best Moments As ‘Chief Entertainment Officer’ on Below Deck Down Under

(Photo by: Laurent Basset/Peacock/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Viewers’ opinions on Culver Bradbury stand divided following his inaugural season on Below Deck Down Under. To explain, Culver’s complacency was often seen in Season 1 and was somewhat seen again in Season 2, where he failed when temporarily stepping into a Bosun position. That said, Culver’s bright moments in both of his seasons on-air have gone above and beyond the norm, making his character, and his many created alter-egos, a fun one to watch.

In Episode 4, Culver actually appointed himself as Thalassa’s unofficial Chief Entertainment Officer. This move highlighted Culver’s desire to always show the guests in his care a great time, and it often ended in large tips. It also aided in a love interest with Brittini Burton. However, Culver sank that relationSHIP (don’t hate me) when he made out with a newly-departed charter guest at a bar.

Unfortunately, it looks like Culver is repeating his mistakes in love on Season 2, as he was just spotted kissing the new Stewardess Jaimee Neale, despite his chemistry with Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph.

Fortunately, he is also repeating his alter-ego personas. In a darker season with two instances of sexual assault, Culver’s mullet wigs are breathing fun back into the series. To recap, these are Culver’s best moments as the Chief Entertainment Officer on Below Deck Down Under thus far.

Pirate Culver’s ‘CEO’ Career Begins

Culver Bradbury/Instagram

In Below Deck Down Under Season 1 Episode 4, Culver’s entertaining side hustle began. Here, the charter guests requested a pirate-themed party. While the entire crew donned at least one pirate-inspired piece, Culver went all out.

Climbing the stairs shirtless to greet the guests, Culver’s mullet wig, pirate pants, and whip were met with roaring laughter. Things got racy when his pirate side took over, with a lap dance ensuing between himself and a very happy guest. And just like that, Culver’s Chief Entertainment Officer career was officially born.

Keith Stone, The Plumber

Culver Bradbury/Instagram

Following a second clogging of a crew member’s toilet in Episode 7, Culver stepped in to save the day. As deckhand Benny Crawley grew frustrated and angry watching the water overflow into his bathroom, Keith Stone the plumber entered the frame.

Like an eager-to-please Golden Retriever, Culver created a costume using his mullet wig and a bandana. While helping to clean, he spoke in an accent about the “s**t situation” onboard. Culver’s Chief Entertainment Officer skills made a gross situation borderline fun.

Side note, the character of Keith Stone has its own Instagram page. You’re welcome.

Keith Stone, The Exotic Dancer

Keith Stone/Instagram

In Episode 9, one of Captain Jason Chambers‘ colleagues came on board for his bachelor party. At night, Chief Stew Aesha Scott put together a party, complete with blow-up sex dolls. Keith Stone also made an appearance, but this time, he was an exotic dancer, because Keith’s got range.

After performing a striptease with a side of sex-doll humping, the guests’ reactions and huge tip made it clear that Culver’s Chief Entertainment Officer skills were a hit.

Crocodile DunCulver


In Episode 10, the crew enjoyed a day off together on an Australian crocodile safari. While Culver went on this outing in normal attire sans any alter-egos, his confessionals held a different vibe.

Here, Crocodile DunCulver narrated what the crew would be doing, and he couldn’t even keep a straight face. His Australian(ish) accent and pure happiness made this brief moment one for the Chief Entertainment Officer’s books.

Santa Claus And His Reindeer

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

When the guests were stuck onboard during a rainstorm in Episode 12, Culver stepped up to ensure that their Christmas-themed party was a success. Donning a beard and his often-used mullet wig, Culver appeared as Santa Claus, complete with a pillow for Santa’s stomach.

Culver even convinced Aesha to join him, playing along as his faithful reindeer. This fun moment showed off Culver’s expanding Chief Entertainment Officer capabilities.

Pre-Filming Quarantine “Curls For The Girls”

Culver Bradbury/Instagram

This never made it to the airways, but it did land on my social media feed. It deserves a spot here, as Culver is really leaning into his CEO era. As for the backstory, prior to his return to Below Deck Down Under Season 2, Culver had to quarantine for two weeks.

Never a bad time guy, Culver entertained the crew assigned to his care, explaining, “Producers would call and ask for ‘updates from quarantine’. So I kept it real and sent them over what I was up too.” In his post, Culver is wearing workout attire, his beloved mullet wig, and a thick gold chain. Culver is truly the Chief Entertainment Officer gift that never stops giving.

A Greek God

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

HE’S BAAAAACCCCCKK! When Culver cleared his stay in quarantine, his extra-mile behaviors resurfaced almost right away. In Season 2 Episode 4, the charter guests were enjoying a Greece-themed dinner. Unbeknownst to them, Culver came up with an idea for a large chocolate Easter egg to be the focal point of a crew-led “ritual,” with the yachtie’s chanting upon the egg’s delivery.

A toga-clad Culver, who was sprayed golden, carried the egg, where it was promptly smashed open by a guest. Culver’s return to this series as the Chief Entertainment Officer was officially marked.

The Big Gay Brunch


In Season 2 Episode 8, the tone onboard was sad following the previously mentioned instances of assault. Enter in charter guests who work in the sex industry and a crew that is in desperate need of laughter, and you’ll get the “Big Gay Brunch” episode of our dreams.

While every available male crew member dressed down, we are still including this as one of Culver’s CEO shining moments, because, well, look at that backside. Plus, he truly committed to the character, as did Chef Tzarina, who made phallically plated dishes for the men to serve.

We needed this episode, and we need more of Culver Bradbury’s entertaining moments as the Chief Entertainment Officer onboard Below Deck Down Under.