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Jason Tartick Experiencing ‘Tidal Waves of Depression’ After Kaitlyn Bristowe Split

Former Bachelorette suitor Jason Tartick is going through all the emotions of his recent breakup with ex-fiancée Kaitlyn Bristowe. The couple announced their separation on August 6, so it’s only been about two and a half weeks. The pain is fresh.

On the August 21 episode of his Trading Secrets podcast, Jason shared how he’s been coping following the split. “Kaitlyn has been in L.A. working this week,” he said, “so I’ve been lucky enough to have the boys [their two dogs Ramen and Pinot] with me … It has been just a true blessing.” Pets can be the best in times of sadness or stress. They’re good listeners and offer nothing but unconditional love.

“[Life] just comes down to relationships, friendships and those who are around you,” the former corporate banker said. “And even though Ramen and Pinot are animals … they’re best friends to me and just having them with me has been amazing … I’ve leaned on them harder than I’ve ever in my life — ever — leaned on my support system.”

A very, very short-term temporary situation

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Jason revealed he’s going to therapy to deal with the sadness of his engagement ending. He’s learned that “there’s no timeline” for “handling grief, [for] being in love with someone and losing that someone.” Grief doesn’t go away like water going down the drain. It’s more like the tide going in and out, coming in on waves of sadness.

“It’s just … an empty feeling,” the Buffalo native described. “And there’s times where you have these just tidal waves of depression. But then there are these times where, like, you feel lifted and you feel good again. It’s just this back-and-forth flood of emotions.”

“I’m learning … that, you know, grieving is just the whole process of honoring, respecting, and having love for what was,” he continued. “[While also] at the same time … honoring, respecting and having love for what is.”

Though he’s definitely felt lost at times, “I’m in a very, very short-term temporary situation,” he said. “So that’s been my focus and I think it’s just been a lot, you know. It’s day by day, [but] it gets better.”

“I feel fortunate saying this at 34,” Jason added, “but the grief [I’ve] experienced in the last few months is the hardest [I’ve] experienced in my life … I am so lucky that a breakup with a fiancée is the hardest grief I’ve ever experienced.”

Keep your head up, Jason. You can do so much better than Kaitlyn, and someday you’ll be grateful that you did.