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Julio’s Brutal Breakup With Kirsten on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

As 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way continues, the couples continue to be tried and tested. In the most recent episode, viewers saw Julio and Kirsten’s relationship finally implode. For many fans, it was clear from the get-go that Julio and Kirsten weren’t going to work out.

The two had very different expectations, but Julio never voiced them honestly. The stated plan was that the two would move to Kirsten’s home in the Netherlands. But Julio started suggesting alterations to the plan.

He encouraged Kirsten to move to New York instead and also suggested the two live in separate houses if they did go back to Europe. When confronted with the ways he’d twisted the situation, he admitted that he “messed up.”

Julio used his family as an excuse

When Julio and Kirsten sat down to talk things over, Julio started by saying, “When the time is right, I think obviously that’s going to be my end goal, but for now, I think I have stuff to work out with my family, you know?”

Kirsten told the cameras, “I am shocked by Julio’s whole attitude. Julio is just totally giving up on this relationship. It’s like he doesn’t care at all.” When back with Julio, Kirsten pointed out that he didn’t look sad at all. She said he looked like he was smiling.

Julio tried to do some sympathy-baiting. “I feel like I’m the worst person in the f**king world. It’s not a good feeling to watch you cry and not being able to be there for you. Like, it sucks, it’s a horrible feeling.” He appeared to laugh sarcastically.

Julio and Kirsten agree: he’s an assh*le

This caused Kirsten to break down in tears. “You’re, like, making fun of me while I’m so sad,” she said. “I’m emotional, and here you are making fun of me and smiling.” Julio insisted he wasn’t ridiculing her, but also asked to end the conversation while she was crying. In a confessional, Kirsten expressed doubt that Julio ever wanted to spend his life with her.

In Julio’s time alone with the cameras, he expressed, “It’s not a good feeling that I broke someone’s heart. I feel like an a**hole. I still love Kirsten, but I think that we have to really assess the situation and really look at things for what they are.”

He continued, “I think me and Kirsten were living in a fantasy world for a lot of our relationship. You know, the last couple of months have been difficult. If things were going better with me and Kirsten, we would have been able to make it work.” Yeesh. Sounded more like Julio kept her living in a fantasy world.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.