Bethenny Frankel
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Bethenny Frankel Slammed for ‘Ignorant’ Comments About TJ Maxx Employee

On September 17, Bethenny Frankel posted a TikTok saying, “I think I’m being canceled.” Bethenny explained that she receives a lot of makeup from companies looking for reviews. A lot of the makeup goes unused despite being opened. She said she held onto the products to give away to others.

The former Real Housewives of New York star brought a bag in for TJ Maxx employees who were complimenting her makeup, she claimed. Bethenny deleted the original video where she doled out the makeup to the retail employees. Immediately, Bethenny was slammed for what she perceived as generosity.

TikTok users felt Bethenny’s gift-giving was presumptuous and condescending. Carole Radziwill even accused Bethenny of having a “white savior complex” over the incident. While that might be extreme, the backlash behind the clip was understandable, and Bethenny’s hope to explain things didn’t go as she expected.

Bethenny called “entitled and rude”


Sorry not sorry. What do you suggest i do? And yes i’m aware of shelters. Yes I can sell and donate to charity & also give as gifts. YES YES YES #donate #makeup #cheap #RHOUTLET

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Bethenny captioned her explanation by writing, “Sorry not sorry. What do you suggest i do? And yes i’m aware of shelters. Yes I can sell and donate to charity & also give as gifts.” Still, TikTok users slammed her for assuming a TJ Maxx employee couldn’t afford makeup. “Tone deaf,” one wrote. “Stop it.” Another said, “That’s ignorant … Comes across entitled and rude.”

Other commenters were offering other suggestions as to what to do with the makeup. One suggested, “What about donating the bags to students taking make up design?” Another asked, “Would women’s shelters not take these? We have handbag collections in Aus where we fill bags with makeup plus tissues, cleanser etc.”

Still, despite the criticism, other commenters weren’t mad at all, instead accusing the critics of overreacting. “Common sense has become uncommon,” one said. “What is wrong with offering someone a gift. Keep doing you!” Bethenny must certainly be glad to know she’s still got fans to validate her. But she might still have some apologizing to do.