90 Day Fiance Nikki and Justin
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90 Day Fiancé’s Nikki Threatens To Leave Justin After He Admits No Sexual Attraction

At best, Nikki and Justin have had a tumultuous relationship on 90 Day Fiancé. It’s been a series of ups and downs, and now, Nikki has called out Justin over not being sexually attracted to her.

She’s feeling undesired, and this has caused a heated argument between the two in the latest episode over him not wanting to go out with her in his home country of Moldova. 

Nikki, 47, suspected that he wanted to hide her because she’s trans, while Justin, 36, said it was because Moldova is a conservative country. He feels uncomfortable with Nikki attracting so much attention for how she dresses.

90 Day Fiancé’s Nikki wonders, why stay together?

This argument opened the door to even deeper issues between the pair, including Nikki feeling like Justin is not sexually attracted to her. In ET’s exclusive clip, she bluntly asked him why he was staying with her if he wasn’t attracted to her in that way.

“But when you say, ‘Baby, I need money’ or ‘Baby, I need help,’ I’m there, right?” she asked.

Nikki further elaborated in a confessional that she felt rejected if Justin didn’t want to be with her intimately. And this rejection made her think that Justin didn’t love her or that there was someone else he was screwing when she wasn’t around.

Justin, though, keeps insisting that their relationship was more of a connection of the “soul” and the “heart” and not based on physical intimacy. Honestly, that sounds kind of like a cop-out if you ask me. And it looks like Nikki thinks so, too.

Now or never

She’s had enough. She told Justin that if things didn’t change in the next 48 hours, she would give up and return to America.

“There’s so many emotions inside that have been holding inside for so long with my relationship with Justin,” she shared. “But now it’s really hitting me in the face.” 

She felt she had finally begun to see clearly and realized he was cold towards her. 

She further elaborated, “He has never put me on his social media. He has never even wanted me to come here (to Moldova). It makes me feel like I am a secret. It makes me feel like he’s ashamed of me. I don’t deserve that. I deserve more.”

Guess we’ll have to see if Justin steps up or if it’s finally time for Nikki to head home.

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