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House of Villains: Corinne Olympios Doesn’t Have ‘Patience’ for People Like Omarosa

Bachelor alum Corinne Olympios didn’t need longer than a few minutes after meeting Omarosa Manigault Newman to decide what she thought of her (spoiler alert: she did NOT like her.) The two first met during the premiere of House of Villains.

Corinne told US Weekly that she immediately thought that Omarosa was rude and kinda mean! The scenes we saw in the premiere would back up that assessment.

Tears of frustration

Corinne introduced herself to Omarosa and asked for The Apprentice alum’s name. While her question may have been earnest, Omarosa didn’t have the time or energy to deal with it.

“Google. It’ll help you,” she replied curly to Corinne, after which she completely ignored her.

“That was so uncalled for and so rude,” Corinne said. She couldn’t believe what happened and asked during the show, “Is this a joke? Excuse me, ma’am? I introduced myself to you.”

Her anger grew, and she was so frustrated that she eventually said she thought Omarosa was a “bitch.”

She shared that she thought that Omarosa was “trying too hard” and revealed that, no, she didn’t Google her.

“I don’t have patience for that,” Corinne revealed. “And that’s why I cried. Because I feel like I was just so frustrated, and I wasn’t going to blow up.”

Corinne couldn’t believe Omarosa’s attitude and said that she personally didn’t mind if people didn’t know her. 

“Not everybody watches everything,” Corinne said. “Not everyone will know who you are, so it’s weird to act that way. I think it’s just unladylike to be like, ‘I’m this. I’m the star.’ If people don’t know you, they don’t know you. It’s OK.”

Needless to say, Corinne is not an Omarosa fan, and while she may have had to work with her during the show, no friendship was formed between them.

A possible connection?

House of Villains' Omarosa
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On the other end of the spectrum, while Corinne’s relationship with Omarosa falls cold, fans have noticed that the opposite is true about her interactions with Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, which have a bit of heat.

In fact, fans believe they’re seeing a little flirting between the two.

“I like a guy that’s confident,” Corinne admitted. “He just comes off as confident. He’s like me,” she added. “We’ll see if he keeps my attention or not.”

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