Love Island Games Episode 1 Recap: First Cast, Couples and Bombshells Revealed

Love Island Games Episode 1
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Love Island Games has finally arrived on Peacock: Episode 1 saw the first 12 Islanders introduced, and they were immediately thrown in at the deep end. A challenge saw the ladies get the power to choose the initial couples, with host Maya Jama overseeing proceedings. There was also some excellent narration from the legendary Iain Stirling, plus a couple of Bombshells were thrown into the mix. Here’s everything that went down in Love Island Games Episode 1.

Love Island Games Episode 1 cast revealed

Love Island Games, Jack Fowler
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  • Steph Blackos
  • Jessica Losurdo
  • Callum Hole
  • Toby Aromolaran
  • Liberty Poole
  • Curtis Pritchard
  • Jack Fowler
  • Lisa Celander
  • Cely Vasquez
  • Justine Ndiba
  • Ray Gantt
  • Imani Wheeler

While we know a lot of Love Island contestants will be making their way to the villa, these 12 were the first to be revealed for Love Island Games. In Episode 1, they each arrived at the villa with high energy. It’s going to be an interesting season for sure. But, as we know, when Bombshells arrive, everything can change. That high, positive energy, could turn into manipulative, and even negative energy at any point. I say, bring on the drama. Looks like producers thought the same, judging by the end of this premiere episode…

Love Island Games: First challenge revealed

Love Island Games Episode 1
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In the first-ever Love Island Games challenge, the women had to collect hearts in a game called “All Spies On Me.” There were a total of three to find, with a bunch of different tasks to complete including the popping of balloons, jumping through a (paper) wall, and diving into a huge tank of water. One hilarious moment came when Cely attempted to jump through the wall, and the wall pushed back. Even Maya couldn’t stop herself from bursting into laughter. An excellent way to get things started.

Who is coupled up in Love Island Games Episode 1?

Love Island Games
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  • Lisa and Curtis
  • Imani and Ray
  • Justine and Jack
  • Cely and Toby
  • Liberty and Callum
  • Jessica and Steph

At the end of the first challenge, the results were revealed. Lisa and Imani were the only two ladies to collect all of the hearts, and so they got to choose their partners first. Justine and Cely each collected two stars, so their choices came next. Liberty made the penultimate choice, and Jessica was left with Steph; something she didn’t mind, as she noted he was in her “top three.”

How are the couples getting on in Episode 1?

Love Island Games Episode 1
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Most of the couples are getting along great, but when Steph insinuated Jessica wasn’t “sporty” enough, she wasn’t happy. She let her feelings be known in confessional, but to Steph’s face, she was impressed when he said he would “carry the team.” Jess suggested that they could go to the gym together: “Get these guns going and make me fit as f*ck.” She’s going to be a real firecracker. I can see why the casting team reached out.

On their first big night, everybody pulled out all the stops to look good. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful casts reality television has ever seen. Thankfully, there are also some great personalities to keep us entertained across the season.

Callum wanted to get his “foot in the door,” and immediately kissed Liberty. Then, Maya arrived. It was time for some big news.

The first Love Island Games Bombshells arrive

Love Island Games, Maya Jama
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Maya gathered the 12 Islanders around the Fire Pit. She explained that two new Islanders were on the way, and would kiss the two people they found the most attractive. The twist? That the 12 original Islanders would be blindfolded, so they wouldn’t know who was kissing who.

The Bombshells arrived in the form of Megan Barton Hanson from Love Island UK, and Johnny Middlebrooks from Love Island USA. Johnny has history with Cely, actually leaving their original season together as a couple. They’ve hardly spoken since their split, and he has no idea what he’d say to her if she was in the villa. Lucky for him, she’s right there!

Megan chose to kiss Callum, straddling him and making sure Liberty knew exactly who was getting a snog, as well as Steph. Johnny’s first kiss was with Imani. Then, he moved onto Cely. My jaw was on the floor, as Johnny and Megan retreated back to their hiding spots, and the credits rolled.

How to watch Love Island Games

Love Island Games is available to stream exclusively on Peacock, with new episodes airing six nights a week, Sunday – Friday. News episodes arrive at 9 p.m. ET.

There are two tiers of Peacock subscription available. Peacock Premium costs $5.99 per month, with Peacock Premium Plus costing $11.99 a month. Love Island Games is available to stream under both memberships.