Love Island Games Episode 2
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Love Island Games Episode 2 Recap: The Duel Debuts

Love Island Games Episode 2 had a lot to unpack. There was the aftermath of the Bombshells, Megan and Johnny, kissing four Islanders who were already coupled up. Host Maya Jama then explained that they would be choosing one of the two people they kissed to try and steal from their current partner. To do so, they’d have to face their rival Islander in The Duel. If the Bombshell wins, they would steal the person they kissed, leaving their original partner vulnerable. If they lost, the Bombshell would be the one vulnerable instead. Here’s everything that went down in the jaw-dropping second episode of Love Island Games.

How are the original Islanders getting on?

Cely Vasquez, Love Island Games
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After Johnny snogged Cely, Toby felt he had to make a good impression. She’d now kissed two Islanders that weren’t him, despite the pair being coupled up. Their chemistry is undeniable, and when they finally smooched, it became clear that they could be in this for the long run.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Liberty and Callum. While they may have kissed, Lisa warned Liberty that she watched Callum’s season of Love Island Australia. She didn’t like what she saw, and said he was putting it on every girl he could.

Then there was the creeping feeling of something untoward having happened during the blindfolded kisses for Cely. She told Imani that the kiss was “familiar,” and if it was indeed her ex Johnny who decided to plant one on her, it was an “unhinged” move.

Love Island Games Episode 2: Who won The Duels?

Megan Barton Hanson
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Bombshells Megan and Johnny both won their duels against Jessica and Ray respectively in the second episode of Love Island Games. This meant that Megan was now coupled up with Steph, and Johnny was coupled up with Imani. Both Jessica and Ray were left single and vulnerable.

Megan and Jessica were engaged in the first fight. The aim of the game was simple: knock your opponent off the beam using a ram. The girls didn’t take it too seriously, despite Jessica’s trash-talking. Megan won the first round, with Jessica almost mounting a comeback after winning the second. Sadly for her, Megan won rounds three and four, securing the overall win.

Johnny and Ray’s duel was a different beast entirely. Both came to win. It looked like Ray was gonna clean sweep after winning the first two rounds. But, Johnny came from behind, winning three in a row, and the right to couple up with Imani.

The aftermath

Imani Wheeler, Love Island Games
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Imani still “feels strongly” about Ray, despite him losing his battle against Johnny. Jack encouraged Ray to kiss Imani tonight. He thinks Johnny is going to be doing everything in his power to divert Imani’s attention away from Ray, and towards him.

Surprisingly, Johnny tells Imani that he’s not here to tell her she can’t get to know somebody else. It’s only night one. Ray doesn’t think Johnny’s here for the right reasons, though. He says it was “corny” to go up against a friend, and he’s “playing the game.”

Ray later speaks to Imani, and apologizes for “not pulling through.” Imani says he shouldn’t feel too bad; she appreciated that he was “willing to fight” for her, and it was “definitely a turn on.” The two then shared a passionate kiss.

The final chat of the episode was between Cely and her ex, Johnny. She says it was stupid for him to kiss her as a “icebreaker,” when they hadn’t cleared the air since splitting three years prior. She accused him of “running to Instagram” to post crap about her. They split after he wouldn’t pay for her nachos at Cheesecake Factory, despite her paying for them both to go on vacation.

As Johnny tried to respond, Cely felt he was being fake. “Talk to me like a real f*cking human being … drop the antics,” she suggested. Cely accused Johnny of acting, and said he “handled that situation like a f*cking child … there has been no growth.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you clear a f*ck boy. Well done, Cely. No notes.

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