Gerry Turner’s Instagram Is Adorably Wholesome, and These Are His Best Posts

(ABC/Brian Bowen Smith)

Choosing Gerry Turner as the first suitor on The Golden Bachelor series was an excellent decision made by ABC. In our humble opinion, The Golden Bachelor is superior to its predecessor, aka The Bachelor, and Gerry is to thank. Truly, this spin-off hit the jackpot in finding Gerry, a camera-ready widower, who viewers are clearly turning in to watch. Not only is he a natural in the face of fame, but he’s also just…pure.

Pure and reality television rarely go hand-in-hand, yet, here we are. Making us love Gerry all the more is how unaffected he still seems by his newfound stardom. In fact, his entire Instagram reads like a proud dad first, with a television side gig second. If you haven’t combed through Gerry’s socials yet, no worries, we have, and these are our top adorably wholesome picks from his page.

Gerry’s a Sports Lover…With Dogs

Gerry Turner/Instagram

When it comes to happiness, give Gerry (and us) all of the dogs. In an interview with Bustle, the Golden Bachelor hinted that his future love interest should be of the same mindset. “If they just don’t like dogs…I’d question whether they were real humans or not, because who doesn’t like dogs,” Gerry correctly and genuinely asked.

Posing with his furry good boys, Gerry captioned this shot with a simple statement, but it was enough. “It’s hawkeye game day today so we are rooting for our hawks,” he wrote. In the background, Gerry’s lived-in home appears cozy and organized, and in the forefront, there’s nothing but smiles all around. Hopefully, Gerry’s game day content will soon include a dog-loving, equally wholesome woman from his cast.

Gerry Supports Women

The Golden Bachelor/Instagram

Recently, Gerry reshared a video from ABC’s official Instagram page on his account. He didn’t caption his post, but there was no need, as his reactions said enough. To backtrack, Hannah Brown was the leading lady on The Bachelorette Season 15, though she was first a top contestant on The Bachelor Season 23. During Season 15, Hannah broke up with Luke Parker, but shortly after, Luke went into villain mode and made things cringy af, as he returned for the rose ceremony and refused to leave the stage.

On this, Gerry had thoughts. “Oh hell no, just go home,” Gerry says, watching a playback of Luke refusing to gracefully walk away from Hannah. When Hannah explained to Luke that this was about her choice, not his, Gerry smiled and nodded his approval of her assertive statement. Finally, Hannah picked up her podium and moved herself out of Luke’s way, earning her a job well done reaction from Gerry.

Gerry gets it. He supports a woman’s right to say no to aggressive pursuits. He’s a decent human, and we need more men like Gerry.

Gerry Loves His Family

Gerry Turner/Instagram

Though his Instagram account currently only boasts 16 images, four of these candid shots are centered around his love for his daughters and granddaughters. As for his family, this 71-year-old is the proud dad of two daughters, Angie and Jenny, whom he shared with his late wife, Toni. In addition, Gerry is also a grandfather to two granddaughters, Charlee and Payton. 

Giving a nod to the network, Gerry lovingly captioned this image by writing “I just love this photo ABC took of my family. I know the perfect spot to put it in my house.” Does an online post get any more wholesome than that, sans the involvement of baby animals? No.

Gerry Is All About His Grandkids

Gerry Turner/Instagram

We can safely say that Gerry is proud of the four women in his life. Two of his more recent posts show him in attendance at his granddaughter Charlee’s volleyball game. “My all time favorite Vballer,” he penned on one, hugging Charlee. The smiles that both wore were nothing short of pride, mixed with love.

Going even farther, Gerry even posted a shout-out to Charlee’s entire team, likely giving these youth a few squeals when they realized that they’d been posted on his verified page. His admiration of our nation’s future leaders was wholesome, as he typed his job well done statement of “Gdaughter Charlee’s volleyball team. My absolute favorite. Good win tonight!!!”

Is Gerry…Influencing?

Gerry Turner/Instagram

It’s common for reality television stars to post paid ads. We can’t hate on this, as if we were paid thousands to post a product, we’d likely share literally everything that was asked. In an influencer-like post, Gerry shared his snack, which consisted of a bag of dried oranges. This adorable post seems fitting, as Gerry himself is also a wholesome snack.

Gerry’s Just A Bright, Wholesome Light

Gerry Turner/Instagram

Sitting happily inside of a yellow, perfectly restored Bronco, Gerry can be seen, giving a double thumbs-up. “Fitting, right?” he captioned, with the usage of a gold star. It IS fitting, Gerry. Overall, his posts are so refreshingly bright and unaffected, and we hope that his down-to-earth nature never, ever fades.

To note, in the comments, so many people were praising Gary for his positive personality. He’s setting the bar beyond high for those who may follow, should the franchise expand to include a Golden Bachelorette, or additional seasons of The Golden Bachelor. Either way, we have no doubt that Gerry’s DM’s will forever be filled.