Meri Brown
Photo by: @therealmeribrown via Instagram

Sister Wives: ‘Disappointed’ Meri Brown ‘Didn’t Ever See’ Family Collapse Coming

2023 has not been Kody Brown’s year. As Sister Wives viewers have seen this year, Kody is struggling to hold onto even one of his marriages, let alone four. He hasn’t been handling the splits well, voicing his frustrations to the cameras.

Meri Brown was Kody’s first wife; the two married in 1990. In early 2023, the two announced via Instagram that they were planning to “permanently terminate our marriage relationship.” On the show, Kody expressed that the relationship didn’t “have any fire” anymore.

Now, Meri has taken the opportunity to ruminate on the relationship and how it progressed.

Despite it all, Meri Brown regrets nothing

In speaking with PEOPLE, Meri reflected on where she ended up. “It’s very disappointing to me,” she said. “And also, I get that we’re all unique individuals and we want the best for ourselves. And if the best for ourselves is not within the same family structure that we built and that we’ve had for so long, it is what it is, and I just want everybody to be happy with where they are.”

As for whether she could’ve predicted her present split from Kody, Meri said, “It was not something that I ever saw happening in my marriage, especially when we got married 33 years ago … And as we built the family, you just don’t think that what is going to happen is going to happen. You don’t know. You have no idea.”

Still, she felt she “gave [her] all” to save the relationship. “I did everything in my power that I could do. And if I would’ve walked away any sooner, there would’ve always been a question in my mind of did I do everything that I can do? But I’m very confident knowing that I did everything that I could do, and I’m very at peace with the timing of it and how it all played out.”

Meri also expressed that despite the things she might’ve done differently, she had no regrets. “My family and the life that I have lived and all the experiences that I have had has really only contributed to who I am now, so I can’t regret that at all.” She added, “I really truly just want everybody to be in a peaceful place with themselves.”

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