Julie, Savannah and Todd Chrisley
Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Savannah Chrisley ‘Sobbing’ After Being ‘One Step Closer’ To Getting Todd and Julie Chrisley Home

Justice is an unfortunately complicated concept! In the U.S., it can often be a little too subjective. As such, when Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to 12 years in prison, some commentators found the punishment too severe. But others found it too light.

Recently, the Chrisley Knows Best stars’ sentence time was brought down to just 10 years, but for many, that’s still far too much. Perhaps no one wants to reduce Todd and Julie’s sentence more than their daughter, Savannah Chrisley.

With her parents in prison, Savannah obtained custody of her younger brother and sister. She’s spoken out multiple times about how difficult that responsibility has been. Now, however, she may not have to bear the responsibility much longer.

The Chrisleys have a “final chance to save” themselves

On November 20, Savannah posted a video to Instagram where she informed fans, “I am freaking out! As you know, we are spending Thanksgiving a little different this year, because I wasn’t going to fake it. I wasn’t going to do the traditional Thanksgiving we’re always used to.”

She continued, “But I got a call this morning and the appeals court has granted our oral arguments. So, I literally was sobbing.” The emotions ran high, and Savannah expressed her joy wholeheartedly. “The kids are freaking out. I’m freaking out … It’s just amazing.”

She told fans oral arguments would begin on March 25, 2024. “Only about 6 percent of cases that are submitted for oral arguments get accepted. So this is huge news.” She added, “We get to go and argue why mom and dad should be home. So, God is good. Thanksgiving win!”

In her caption, Savannah emphasized the importance of oral arguments as a “final chance to save [the] case.” Commenters expressed their happiness for Savannah. Many found the Chrisleys’ sentencing unfair, especially compared to the sentences of other reality stars. More than anything, there was a general sentiment of hope that the children would be okay.