Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 4 Recap: Keep These Housewives Away From Buses

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 4
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Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 is back just ahead of Thanksgiving, but no one in the RHOM cast is feeling particularly grateful in Episode 4. Last week, viewers left Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan preparing their charity basketball event for Make-A-Wish. On top of that, Julia Lemigova was preparing her “F**k Cancer” party for her wife, Martina Navratilova. Here’s everything that went down in Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 4: “Slam Dunks and Friendship Flunks.”

Nicole practices ball handling and baby handling

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 4
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Episode 4 opened with some time between the Housewives and their children. Lisa Hochstein brought her kids shopping while Alexia Nepola spoke with her sons, Peter and Frankie, about Frankie’s upcoming treatments. With kid time out of the way, Larsa spoke with Adriana de Moura, ensuring she’d be at the charity basketball game.

And speaking of the basketball game, Anthony Lopez wanted to make sure Nicole Martin was in top athletic condition. He hired a private coach to show her the ropes for “date night.” Nicole felt quite proud of herself and threw some shade at Anthony’s performance. Once Coach Cameron took off, Nicole and Anthony were left to chat.

Nicole let Anthony know that she’d be going to the game with the girls in a sprinter van on Alexia’s birthday (hmm, how familiar). Nicole and Anthony also talked about babies, and how excited Nicole’s mom was about the prospect of child number two. Anthony suggested the wedding come after a second child.

Julia and Adriana plan where to “F**k Cancer”

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Viewers then caught up with Julia as she rehearsed her opera number at Adriana’s house, the latter providing accompaniment. With the two already in the home, Adriana suggested they host the “F**k Cancer” party at her house. She even said she’d be willing to host Marysol Patton, even after the “Nuevos Horizontes” party.

Coach Cameron’s not the only professional in town. Julia revealed she was doing a duet with Jonathan, a seasoned opera singer. After showing off his pipes, Julia felt all too “terrified.” Jonathan told her to “fake it till you make it,” and encouraged her further.

After Julia sang out, Jonathan said he was “impressed,” before noting that Adriana’s dog was humping his leg. Of course, he took that to mean the dog had simply loved Julia’s performance.

The children of the Housewives

Alexia and her sons then went over to The de Moya Foundation for Frankie’s treatment. She said the treatments had been going well and Frankie was making many improvements. Even Frankie was afraid at first, but he was feeling good about things at the present too.

While Frankie underwent his treatment, Alexia and Peter had quite the heart-to-heart. Peter expressed his gratitude for Frankie in his life, and how he knows that Frankie still feels a great deal, even though he can’t describe it. In a confessional, Alexia became emotional as she reflected on Peter’s reaction to Frankie’s accident.

Elsewhere, as Lisa and her kids visited Jody Glidden, she told the cameras more about the kids’ relationship with her new boyfriend. She admitted that the kids didn’t actually know that she and Jody were dating, suggesting that he was more of a gay uncle to them.

After Jody flexed his childcare skills, he and Lisa had a talk while the kids painted. Lisa expressed how hard her divorce had been for Logan, who often expressed how he wants his mommy and daddy back together.

Housewives in a bus on Alexia’s birthday (part 2)

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 4
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Later, Housewives filed into the sprinter van to make their way to the big game, discussing who was on whose team. As the ladies kept piling into their transport, Guerdy Abraira acknowledged to the cameras that she had to tell the rest of the group about her diagnosis but didn’t want to take the opportunity to do so in the face of the charity event.

Little did Guerdy know that Larsa had already told the remainder of the group. But at that point, none of them had brought it up with Guerdy for fear of upsetting her. Besides, there were already plenty of reasons to be upset – like when Adriana said she was “a little flatulent today.”

After 5 minutes of travel, the girls hopped out to use the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, Marysol immediately began trash-talking Adriana. Of course, Adriana happened to be in the bathroom too. “Some things never change,” Adriana told them. Once back in the van, Adriana and Marysol started going at it, and things devolved all too quickly.

F**cks fly in the sprinter van

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 4
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Alexia brought up the fact this same thing happened on her birthday last year, trying to avoid a repeat. Lisa tried to lighten the mood by saying, “You know what? It’s very unhealthy to hold it in.” From there, the conversation moved to Todd Nepola (and his potential bathroom fetishes?).

After confirming that divorce was not at all imminent, Alexia, who just a moment ago was trying to diffuse things, said Todd missed the “Nuevos Horizontes” party because of Adriana. Confused, Adriana said she’d spoken to Todd on the way out of the party; he allegedly said Adriana had been forgiven, but that there were martial troubles to work on. Lisa confirmed those details.

When Marysol tried to rationalize Todd’s explanation, Adriana said, “Shut up Marysol, you’re a f**king motherf**ker.” They began cursing each other out before Alexia stepped in.

Unfortunately, Alexia wasn’t hoping to be a voice of reason. Instead, she said she knew that Adriana was badmouthing her on the way to her party. Adriana had essentially accused Alexia of loving Todd for his money. Alexia told Adriana to just wait and see what Todd was getting her for her birthday.

The Miami Housewives play ball (for 5 minutes)

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 4
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After what felt like an eternity, the ladies made it to the stadium. While getting dressed, the girls talked about which team Adriana belonged to. Nicole chided the girls for fighting over “bulls**t” that didn’t “even matter.” Julia then arrived separate from the rest of the cast and was immediately dragged into gossip by Adriana.

Adriana said that, due to everything that went down in the van, she wouldn’t allow Alexia or Marysol to come to the “F**k Cancer” party. Guerdy’s patience was wearing thin and she tried to get Adriana to see straight and focus on what really mattered, but Adriana wasn’t interested in rationality.

The girls hit the court, practicing and playing to varying levels of success. Adriana fell on the court, which was exciting for some, but it didn’t take long for Marysol to fall as well. In happier news, Julia managed to score a basket. Kiki Barth, who’d talked a big game earlier, sprained her ankle almost immediately.

Despite Julia’s efforts to talk some sense into Adriana, the flopper wasn’t willing to hear any of it. Adriana had hoped for a little more empathy. After a total of 5 minutes of playtime from the Housewives, the game ended. With the game over, the group went back to the locker room where Alexia opened an expensive watch to Adriana’s disinterest.

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