Everything We Know About Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s Wedding

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist
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The debut season of The Golden Bachelor was a success, as Gerry Turner ended up finding love again after all! Gerry fell head over heels for Theresa Nist, a New Jersey native who works in the stock trading industry.

Gerry ultimately chose Theresa over runner-up Leslie Fhima, with whom he also had a strong connection. In the end, however, Gerry decided that Theresa was the woman he simply “could not live without.”

After making their first ever public appearance together on After The Final Rose, Gerry and Theresa announced their wedding. Gerry joked that at their age they don’t have time to waste, he is too funny! The special announcement Jesse Palmer teased all night long ended up being that Gerry and Theresa’s wedding would be filmed live. All of Bachelor Nation is officially invited, here’s everything we know so far.

When Are Gerry & Theresa Tying The Knot?

ABC/John Fleenor

Gerry and Theresa will get married on January 4, 2024, only a month away from today. The couple certainly wasted no time, and we love to see it. On After The Final Rose, Jesse surprised Gerry and Theresa with a honeymoon trip to Italy following the big day. During their first date, Gerry and Theresa discovered that they both wanted to learn Italian. What a great gift from ABC!

Who Is Planning The Big Day?

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Luckily, Gerry and Theresa have a lot of help with wedding planning, since they didn’t have long to do it. As reported by People, Theresa’s daughter has taken the lead on wedding planning. Viewers met Theresa’s daughter, Jen, during hometowns, when she and her family met Gerry for the first time. Gerry’s two daughters, Angie and Jenny, are helping to plan the celebration as well.

Gerry is happy to give Theresa and her daughter the lead with planning, and he agrees with most of their decisions. Gerry said that he loves to see Theresa enjoy planning the wedding, he really is the best!

What Specifics Do We Know About The Big Day?

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While Gerry and Theresa have not revealed much, they did spill the beans on a few details about their upcoming wedding. In terms of attire, a must for Gerry is having a blue suit. This differs from the traditional black and white, but we’re all for Gerry being unique! Theresa, on the other hand, already has a good idea of what her dream wedding dress and veil would look like.

Theresa also has ideas regarding their wedding cake, which is arguably the most important part of any wedding. Floral arrangements are another important aspect that Theresa and her daughter are particularly passionate about. Theresa explained that she and Jen are both gardeners, and as a result, are quite knowledgeable when it comes to flowers.

When it comes to the reception, the couple plans to decorate with long tables under a draped ceiling. They are also of course excited for their first dance, but have not yet decided on a song for it. The couple hope to have a “certain band” in attendance, as opposed to a DJ. Though they don’t want to jinx themselves by revealing their dream choice, we’re hoping it’s Journey. Theresa in particular admitted that she would want to have a choreographed first dance.

In terms of the bridal party, Gerry and Theresa are putting their own twist on tradition! Gerry’s two son-in-laws will serve as his best men, while Theresa’s daughter will be her maid of honor. All six of Theresa’s grandsons will also be involved, with Henry being the ring bearer. Theresa also plans to surprise her sisters with the news that they will be the two flower girls. We love Gerry and Theresa putting their own spin on things!

Gerry & Theresa Are A Historic Bachelor Nation Couple

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Gerry and Theresa truly made Bachelor Nation history, and we are grateful to them for it. The couple showed the world that love has no age limit, and that love in your 70s actually isn’t that different from in your teenage years. Gerry and Theresa may be Bachelor Nation’s first golden couple, but we are confident that they are far from the last. While fans were disappointed at the lack of a Golden Bachelorette announcement at ATFR, they are hopeful it will come any day.