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Rumor: Kate Chastain To Replace Teddi Mellencamp on Two Ts in a Pod Podcast With Tamra Judge

Whoa! I did not see this coming. I’m wondering if Vicki Gunvalson and her hate for Teddi Mellencamp had something to do with this.

Since December 2021, Tamra Judge and her sidekick Teddi have been spilling all the reality tea on their podcast Two Ts in a Pod. They’ve gotten good ratings and even broadcast their podcast from BravoCon in November 2023, despite Teddie being fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after only three seasons. She was not exactly a fan favorite.

Is Teddi’s time basking in the light of Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra coming to an end? Apparently, comedian Heather McDonald started a rumor on Patreon that Tamra is planning to replace Tedious on her podcast with Jessica Chastain. Surely she meant Kate Chastain from Below Deck, who would be far more qualified for the job. I’m sure Jessica’s busy with her acting career.

Would Kate be a better fit?

Kate Chastain Below Deck
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Before long, a conversation was in full swing on Reddit discussing the pros and cons of Tamra replacing Teddi. Some believe that Tamra seems less interested in the podcast than she used to be and perhaps she just needs some fresh blood. Kate has a mouth on her and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. She would bring some fresh energy and be just what the show needs.

Commenters pointed out that John Mellencamp’s daughter is annoying (I agree) and she would “whine about this so much.” But overall, the idea of a new co-host seemed popular — which Teddi never was. Several commenters said they would listen to the podcast if Kate were on board. (See what I did there?)

Kate would be awesome and probably has more far-reaching contacts in the reality world than Teddi ever did. Kate was on Season 1 of The Traitors, where she competed with celebrities from many other reality shows than just her own. As chief stewardess on Below Deck for six seasons, Kate was Captain Lee Rosbach’s most trusted crew member and friend. She’s an icon of reality television.

Vicki surely had a hand in the decision

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Everyone knows there’s no love lost between the accountability coach and Tamra’s BFF Vicki. Vicki had Teddi banned from attending the Tres Amigas show, headlined by Vicki, Tamra and Shannon Beador in June 2023.

But things really came to a head at BravoCon when Andy Cohen tried to get Vicki and Teddi to Squash That Beef. Apparently, Teddi had made a comment asking where Vicki had been on January 6th during the insurrection. But she wasn’t done yet. Teddi announced that the reason Vicki doesn’t like her is due to Teddi’s melanoma diagnosis. “I realized, you were probably just triggered by somebody that actually has cancer,” Teddi said, making an obvious reference to Vicki’s ex-fiancé Brooks Ayers, who faked cancer on RHOC for attention and sympathy.

So, is Tamra replacing Teddi to placate Vicki? Or is it just time for a change?

But wait a minute. If Tamra replaced Teddi with Kate, she’d either have to change the name of the show or Kate would have to change her name. It would no longer be “Two Ts.” Maybe Kate could go by “The Kate Chastain.”