Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown
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Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Admits Sabotaging Marriage to Robyn

Out of four marriages, Kody Brown has managed to hold onto just one. Keep in mind that there was a point when all four of these marriages were happening at once.

Now, the only union that remains is that of Robyn Brown’s. However, the writing might be plainly on the wall for Kody and Robyn as well. Kody refers to Robyn as “the wife left standing.”

Viewers have seen Kody’s relationships deteriorate on Sister Wives Season 18. Now, even the one relationship he has left may slip through his fingers due to his anger.

Kody knows he would regret leaving Robyn

The Sister Wives: One on One special aired this weekend. In the third episode, as Robyn and Kody spoke with one another, he admitted he felt he was sabotaging himself due to “frustration and anger” after his other wives removed themselves from the plural marriage.

Kody explained, “I thought of myself leaving Robyn and having another lover and looking at this lover and going, ‘I don’t love you. I’m in love with another woman. I’m in love with a woman that I left because I was too much a piece of sh*t to manage the relationship.’ And what it was just anger and I’m embarrassed.”

As for Robyn’s take on whether Kody was sabotaging the relationship, she shared through tears, “He tries to. I have to stop him all the time.” She went on, “We’re in different places about the bomb that went off on our family. And like, I’m in a major place of mourning and he’s angry … He just wants to just go find whatever, you know? And I’m like, no, I can’t feel like that.”

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