Captain Jason Chambers
Photo: Mark Rogers/Bravo via Getty Images

Captain Jason Chambers Gives Dating Life Update: ‘Caught Off Guard’ at BravoCon

Below Deck Down Under star Captain Jason Chambers doesn’t seem to know how hot he is. When he attended BravoCon in November, he was actually surprised by how much speculation focused on his romantic life. Even though he’s arguably the hottest of the Below Deck skippers, he never expected to generate so many headlines.

“I wasn’t prepared for it, that’s for sure,” Jason shared. “Leading up to it, there was a bit of Watch What Happens Live banter with Aesha [Scott] and Andy [Cohen] and myself. [But] going into it, I definitely didn’t know what I was [in] for, and it did catch me off guard a little bit.”

From the highly publicized photo with VPR’s own Lala Kent, to RHONY star Brynn Whitfield drooling over him, Jason caused a stir. The Messenger is spilling all the tea.

Captain Jason is focused on his career and his daughter, rather than dating

Unlike other Bravo stars, Jason’s yachting job takes him a long way from Hollywood, making relationships difficult.

“We’re in a different environment,” he said, referring to his BDDU crew. Not only is he in a different country most of the time, but he spends most of his time entertaining his guests at sea. Although he says when she’s not filming Pump Rules, Lala has an open invitation to visit him on the yacht.

“I met her in the lobby,” the Aussie native said about Lala. “I had a quick chat with her. She seemed fantastic. Anyone’s invited on our charters, that’s for sure. As long as they tip, and they pay some money, we will take anyone on.”

I think Lala had other arrangements in mind.

But as far as having a girlfriend goes, Jason’s focused on his job in the yachting world, his work with ocean awareness advocacy, and his daughter Saskia.

“I live in a remote area,” he justified. “I am underwater. I’m adventurous. My partner would have to be someone who gets their hands dirty … and wants to see the world and travel.”

“But I have my daughter, [she’s] first and foremost,” he continued. “I have my foundations … [But I think that time is coming, that I would like to search for someone to start sharing things with.”

I think I just felt a disturbance in the force. The women of the Bravoverse are quivering with anticipation.