The Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsay Celebrates Birthday With Fiance Bryan Abasolo At SugarHouse Casino, Philadelphia
Photo: Lisa Lake/Getty Images for SugarHouse Casino

Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Living ‘Totally Different Lives’ Despite Marriage

Former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay and her husband Bryan Abasolo’s relationship started very publicly. They met, fell in love and got engaged on Season 13 of The Bachelorette in 2017. It all unfolded on television, but since then they’re more careful about keeping their private lives private.

Since their wedding, members of Bachelor Nation have often wondered about the status of their relationship. But neither Rachel nor Bryan posts much on social media. They shared so much of their lives during their courtship and wedding, they felt it was time to just live their lives for each other without the constant judgement of fans.

“We don’t put ourselves out there at all,” Rachel told Nick Viall on December 21 while guest-starring on his The Viall Files podcast. “Maybe [for] an anniversary or a holiday … But I think I did that because people were so critical of us when we came off the show.”

“I want to keep this for ourselves”

Rachel was a Texas-based attorney when she first appeared on Nick’s season of The Bachelor in 2016. She finished third on the show and was named as the next Bachelorette, making history as the franchise’s first Black lead. A frontrunner from day one, Bryan proposed in the Season 13 finale, which aired on August 7, 2017. They tied the knot in 2019.

After appearing on two back-to-back reality shows, Rachel was ready for some privacy. “I [just wanted] to keep this for ourselves,” she continued. “Marriage has ups and downs, but you never know when we’re good or when we’re not because we never put it out there. I kind of want to keep it that way, so when I want to share something, I do.”

These days, Rachel works as a podcaster, TV host, and author. Bryan is a chiropractor and owns Beverly Hills Disc & Laser Therapy Center in Beverly Hills, California.

Having such different careers, the couple lead very busy professional lives. “Bryan is a sole practitioner, [and] he leaves the house at 8,” Rachel explained. “He comes home at 9:00 … 9:30 [at night] sometimes … I have a lot more free time … I’m back in hustle mode trying to get a second job, so I go to events. So we’re just in two totally different places.”

“There’s not a lot of time to take pictures of each other,” she laughed.

Could their family be expanding soon?

“We’re working on having a kid,” she confided, telling Nick she has “huge” baby fever. “Sometimes that’s not as easy as you think. You think, ‘OK, when I’m ready, it’ll happen,’ and then it doesn’t. So, that’s been a little bit of a struggle, too.”

Bryan and Rachel are looking forward to spending the holidays in Dallas with her family. Hoping to get a fresh start in the New Year, she’s imagining a “reset button.” If all goes well, her dream will come true, and they’ll have some baby news for us in the near future.