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Johnny Bananas Trashes Dan Gheesling After Traitors Elimination

Johnny Bananas is still hung up on being Dan Gheesling’s first murder victim during The Traitors Season 2. 

The Challenge star was the first celebrity murdered by the treacherous trio of Traitors (Phaedra Parks, Parvati Shallow, and Dan) during the premiere event on January 12. “My reputation preceded me this time,” he said a few weeks back. “What took me out, I mean, I think it’s obvious that the powers that be and the Traitors and the people that had power obviously deemed me as a threat to not just their existence in the game, but I think just their existence on television in general.”

During last night’s episode, Dan was the fifth celeb banished from the game and the first Traitor to be discovered. But before revealing his status to the rest of the castle in the Circle of Truth, Dan attempted to shift the focus onto Phaedra. However, he failed miserably as the attorney to the stars refuted his claims ever so beautifully. Since then, Dan has faced some critiques from his fans and colleagues.  

Bananas calls out Dan for being insecure during The Traitors Season 2

Last night’s episode will be one of the best reality TV moments of 2024. Dan, the legendary Big Brother winner, was set up by a star from The Bachelor and laid to rest by a dolled-up Housewife. What more could watchers ask for? 

Following the episode, Bananas posted about Dan’s banishment on X, formerly Twitter, laughing at how the tables had turned.

“I take solace in the fact that I never had a chance to play,” he wrote. “Turns out I wasn’t Dan’s biggest threat; his insecurities were. Dude got outplayed by a Bachelor, Bergie, then ate up by a housewife. That wasn’t a banishment it was a MURDER.” 

The cast will gather together soon to film the reunion, so we’ll definitely be tuned in to see this dynamic. In the meantime, stream new episodes of The Traitors on Thursdays on Peacock at 9/8c.