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Todd Chrisley Doesn’t Feel Threatened by Fellow Prisoners

In June 2022, Todd Chrisley was found guilty of tax evasion and defrauding community banks for more than $30 million. As such, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison, which was eventually trimmed down to 11.

Despite the slightly lighter sentence, it hasn’t been sunshine and roses for the former Chrisley Knows Best star; no, quite the opposite. For as long as he’s been in prison, Todd has been extremely vocal about the poor conditions. And that’s the story of how Todd became an unexpected advocate for prison reform.

One might call Todd’s motives self-serving, without a doubt. But given how badly the U.S. prison system needs to be put under a microscope, any attention is good attention. And it would seem that Todd’s fellow inmates feel the same.

Todd is “speaking out” for his fellow prisoners

Todd’s attorney, Jay Surgent, spoke to RadarOnline about Todd’s relationship with his fellow prisoners. “They respect him,” Surgent revealed, adding that the inmates “look at him as almost their counselor.”

It would seem Todd’s crusade against the prison system’s injustice has made him rather respectable to those around him. As Surgent explained, “He’s the person they go to with their concerns. They know Todd is speaking out on their behalf.”

But beyond just going to Todd for him to raise concerns, it would seem inmates also approach Todd for guidance. “They respect him as a mentor – almost like a counselor,” Surgent reiterated.

Surgent also reported that Todd has faced “no threats” from other prisoners. Well, it would seem that fame pays off in more ways than one. If it weren’t for Todd’s already established name, his reports on the prison system would likely fall on deaf ears.

It’s interesting to imagine a world where Todd went to prison as just a regular Joe and not a celebrity. But then again, without the fame, maybe he wouldn’t have been in the position to commit a crime in the first place.