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Kate Chastain Discusses Tackling Motherhood and Murder on The Traitors

Kate Chastain was an instant fan favorite during the first season of The Traitors. Alongside Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, they and a few other iconic reality stars embarked on a journey full of twists and turns that took the world by storm. 

Fast forward a year, Kate, a new mother to her son Sullivan, returned to The Traitors castle for Season 2 of streaming’s most-watched unscripted series. And she’s dishing on all things motherhood, the second half of Peacock’s explosive original series, and much more. 

“There was a lot of fear to leave my baby for the first time at such a young age for a long time,” Kate told Today. “I had just been like ‘baby, baby, baby’ for so long, it was really healthy for me to get into a world like the castle, and just remember who I am, and be around adults and just take a mental vacation from mom life.” 

Kate teases more twists lie ahead in Season 2 of The Traitors

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Before joining the all-star cast of 21 celebrities for Season 2, Kate had taken a short break from reality television. Since returning, charting familiar territory has been good for her soul. “It felt so good to just remember who I was before changing diapers,” she explained.

“It’s so interesting comparing my first season … to my second season of … because my first season of Traitors, I couldn’t wait to go home, drive my sports car, go have martinis, go date, and just have fun. Now I want to stay because I got to sleep eight hours every night. It was great. It was like a vacation this time.”

Looking ahead at the rest of the season, Kate teased that there would be more shocking twists and turns sure to shake up the game and fan perception. 

“Coming up, people will be surprised that people you’re cheering for, you won’t be. Maybe people you weren’t cheering for, you will be,” she said. “I was certainly shocked at the way things developed.”

Regarding a third trip to Scotland, Kate wasn’t completely turned off by the idea. In fact, she’d welcome the invite with open arms. “I’m never going to turn down an invitation to Alan Cumming’s castle,” she said. “If Alan calls, you go.”

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