Parvati Shallow for The Traitors Season 2
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The Traitors Season 2: Parvati on ‘Dramatic’ Dispute With Phaedra

For any fan of The Traitors, you know that at some point, the titular killers may turn on each other to advance their games, and that’s what Parvati Shallow attempted to do in Episode 4. However, it didn’t go over as she planned.

The Survivor winner threw her co-star, Phaedra Parks, under the bus during the night’s roundtable discussion as a possible Traitor. Luckily for Phae, who is no novice to interpersonal conflict, she fired back, ultimately protecting herself and a few others. 

When the Traitors met for the night to discuss the day’s event, Phaedra slammed Parvati, saying, “No one likes you … everybody says you’re a Traitor,” taking Parvati and their third Traitor, Dan Gheesling, by surprise. So, what did Parv think of their falling out? 

Parvati didn’t know if Phaedra was actually upset with her… 

Phaedra Parks in The Traitors Season 2
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In an interview with Hollywood Life, Parvati spoke about her banishment and brief feud with The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra after their tense moment in the castle. “I was like, ‘Oh, I think she’s really mad,’” she said. 

“Cause Phaedra is a really good actor. She’s like, ‘I’m not an actor.’ Like, we all know you’re an actor — and you’re really good at it! Own that. But she was in character the entire time, even in the turret. So I couldn’t break her.”

Is Phaedra an actor? I must have missed that memo. 

Anyway, Parv continued, sharing that their fight was “dramatic,” which caused Dirty Dan (as Phae likes to call him) much distress. “Dan was so freaked out and stunned. It was a back and forth between Phaedra and I for maybe a few minutes,” she said. 

“I was like, ‘Okay, I gotta let her know that she’s safe. I have to just field this attack and not react to it and diffuse this.’ I’m very good at that anyways. It’s like water off my back. She can say nobody likes me, but that’s just how she handles conflict. It’s personal attacks. And I know people like that.”

Well, it may have been a personal attack. But it’s one that seemed provably true in Scotland. Hehe. 

Despite their beef, the now-banished Traitor and Phaedra are in a much better place today. “I don’t hold it against her; she didn’t hold it against me, and we moved forward. I think that’s sort of the Housewives way,” she said.

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