Luann de Lesseps holding hands with Joe Bradley on Watch What Happens Live
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Joe Bradley Denies Kissing Luann de Lesseps, but Says He Did ‘Cross a Line’

Let’s clear up some rumors, shall we? In case you missed it, Joe Bradley came clean about his rumored escapade with Luann de Lesseps during the Southern Hospitality Season 2 reunion. According to Joe, nothing recently happened between them.

The rumors about the new Bravolebs started after they appeared together on Watch What Happens Live. Luann and Joe were both flirtatious, which wasn’t surprising. After they taped the show, tipsters claimed they saw the two “all over each other” at The Dream Hotel.

When pressed by Andy Cohen, Joe was adamant that nothing happened with him and the Real Housewives of New York City legend.

Joe comes clean about flirting with Luann de Lesseps

Joe Bradley during the Southern Hospitality Season 2 reunion
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo

When Andy asked about Joe’s rendezvous with Luann, he admitted to the fact that they went out together and got a drink. However, he said that it was a platonic hangout. After all, he was still dating Danielle Oliviera at the time.

“This is the truth, me and Luann, we got a drink and hit it off,” Joe admitted.

“I did cross a line at the hotel, but I did not kiss her,” Joe continued. “We did not hook up.”

Meanwhile, TJ Dinch wasn’t buying it. He jumped into the conversation and claimed that he was 99% sure that Joe and Luann did hook up. TJ urged him to just “admit it.”

Joe clapped back at TJ, and said, “I was playfully hanging out with her at the bar. That’s f*cking it. Why would you even insinuate that?”

Of course, this information landed perfectly in sync with the news of Joe’s breakup from Danielle. Joe and the Summer House star became hot and heavy during BravoCon weekend. She had a front-row seat to Joe and Luann’s flirt fest on WWHL.

Shortly after the rumors about Luann started flying, things started getting rocky with Danielle. They ultimately called it quits, but, Joe is making it pretty clear that Luann had nothing to do it with. Instead, Joe blamed the breakup on his immaturity.

He explained, “I just don’t think I’m in a position as a 28-year-old guy who works at a nightclub to be the caliber of man for Danielle Olivera, who is just ahead of me in life in a lot of ways, as far as maturity and where she stands in her career.”

In a separate interview, Luann also denied the rumors that she and Joe were “all over each other.” If they’re both denying it, we can take their word for it. However, now that Joe is officially single, maybe it’s time for them to have another night out on the town?

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