Larsa Isn’t the Queen Bee She Thinks She Is: Here’s Why

Larsa Pippen
(Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)

I’m typically a glass-half-full type of person who likes to look for the positives in anyone. But the Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 star Larsa Pippen is really making me work hard to find her redeeming qualities. Throughout the season, I’ve had a hard time with Larsa and her sh***y actions, which prove she might not be the greatest of friends. Between the way she reacted to Guerdy Abraira’s cancer news and how she has treated her good friend, Kiki Barth, she has just been a pretty appalling human.

Yet, she still sees herself as the group’s Queen Bee. This was especially true when she showed up in full queen attire, including a crown. Her all-holier-than-thou and obsessed boyfriend vibe is pushing me over the edge. So, here is why I don’t think Larsa is the leader of the pack anymore.

Larsa has zero shame and works hard for that Bravo paycheck, which is why she is such a polarizing housewife. But if I have to hear her say, “I’m just so tired, like I’m all about love and positivity,” I may pull my hair out. Stop trying to make popularity happen, Larsa. It’s not going to happen. 

Larsa Is Fake

Larsa Pippen/Instagram

I just don’t get that Larsa is the realest girl in the room. Maybe it is her overdone makeup, extremely sexy outfits, or inability to hold herself accountable. Whatever it is, she just doesn’t strike me as a truth-teller. Now, we all lie. This I am aware of but Larsa seems calculated in her lies.

Recently, she and her boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, split up, I think conveniently over Super Bowl Sunday, but it felt more like a soft launch. Only days later, on Valentine’s Day, Larsa and Marcus were snapped out and about buying two dozen roses and going back to her bachelorette pad. The move just felt like a really poorly done PR stunt, and to be honest, I am not even invested in her own love story on the series.  

Guerdy Is Not a Fan

Larsa Pippen/Instagram

Now, if anyone deserves to be Queen Bee of the group, it’s Guerdy, and if she doesn’t like someone then viewers don’t like that someone too. Guerdy has been extremely vocal regarding Larsa’s decision to out her cancer diagnosis without her permission. Viewers couldn’t help but notice that Season 6 showed just how dismissive Larsa could be of other’s feelings. The season finale showed the ex of Scottie Pippen having a full-on fight with Guerdy the day before she started chemo. No true friend or fearless leader acts like that. 

Not once did Larsa try to make it right when cameras were filming, and more often than not, she doubled down on her bad behavior. She was filmed yelling on boats in Mexico, at her co-stars’ parties, and talking shadily behind their backs to Marcus. Honestly, what redeeming qualities does she have? 

Give Larsa Some Water

Larsa Pippen/Instagram

When I watch Larsa, I very much feel like she was that girl in high school who always wanted to be at the top of the pyramid but perhaps never could scratch the popular group. Hence, her adult life has been all about chasing fame. She married a famous Bulls player, then hung around other NBA players, and is with the son of a very renowned NBA player. She also tried to befriend the Kardashian clan, but even they saw right through her game and touted her as a Negative Nancy. 

Not to mention, Larsa has changed a lot over the years, specifically her face. The mother of four has gone from girl next door to OnlyFans hottie literally overnight. Again, it very much felt like she was trying to copy the Kardashian aesthetic, but she really didn’t need to. The move again shows me that she just isn’t cut out to be the Queen Bee. If I’m being snarky, and we all know I am going to be snarky, Larsa has enough filler to play the floating door in a remake of Titanic. Even Scottie could have hung on.