Most Shocking Moments in 90 Day Fiancé Season 10

Photo Credit: TLC via YouTube

When 90 Day Fiancé debuted in 2014, it was a mostly wholesome show about international couples navigating the K-1 visa process to live together at long last. However, as time went on, it became a verified s***show full of drama and shocking moments. Don’t get us wrong, we are here for all of it! 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 recently ended, and definitely had its fair share of shocking moments. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest shocks of the season.

Clayton’s Mother Living in The Closet

Viewers are definitely used to seeing cast members living with their parents well into their adult years. This poses an awkward dynamic. The aforementioned cast members’ significant other moves in with them, since they didn’t necessarily sign up for living with their fiancé’s parent(s) as well.

However, having a cast member’s mother not only living with them but living in their closet is definitely a 90 Day Fiancé first. Fans were both amused and confused when they discovered that Clayton Clark’s mother lived and slept in the closet of the one bedroom apartment that they shared together.

Someone who was not amused was Clayton’s fiancé Analí Vallejos. Clayton and the Peruvian beauty had been maintaining a courtship for several years. However, Clayton somehow neglected to tell Analí that his mother lived in the closet of their future home. But by the end of the season, Violet explained to the cameras that she would be moving out. So, the newly married couple could have their own space.

Jasmine’s Surprise $10K Butt Surgery


Shortly before Panamanian woman Jasmine Pineda moved to Michigan to live with her partner  Gino Palazzolo, she confessed to the cameras that she got $10,000 butt implants – without telling her S/O. She used the money that Gino had given her for a wedding dress to get the implants, which made fans’ jaws drop.

That’s not all, however. Jasmine also confessed that she had asked her ex-boyfriend, Dan, if she could borrow $2K from him for the surgery. However, Dan insisted that she keep the money without having to pay it back, which somehow makes it worse!

As if all that weren’t shocking enough, right after Jasmine arrived in Michigan, Gino told her that he had quit his job (also without telling her first). Jasmine then had to admit that she had spent lots of money on butt implants. It left the couple in quite the financial bind, although this was never addressed after the initial shock. These two are married now, so they really have to stop keeping secrets from each other. However, we aren’t sure how legit this whole storyline is anyway, so who knows if they really kept these secrets from each other in the first place.

Rob Virtually Cheating on Sophie

Fans weren’t sure how to feel about Rob Warne from the get-go. His behavior towards his English fiancé Sophie Sierra had viewers questioning if he even liked her as a person at all. Therefore, it wasn’t a huge surprise when viewers found out (along with Sophie) that Rob had been getting (and responding to) sexual videos online. To Sophie, this was cheating, although Rob didn’t seem to think so.

Whether viewers sided with Sophie or Rob, they were a bit taken aback when it came out that Rob has a criminal record. However, perhaps the most shocking of all is that these two tied the knot at the end of the season. Luckily (we guess?), they will apparently be starring on Happily Ever After Season 8. So, viewers can see what happens with this controversial couple.

The Possibility of Sam Going to Jail

Sam Wilson explained to the cameras early on that he was addicted to pain medication as a teenager. He didn’t try to keep this information from his Indonesian fiancé Citra Herani, who accepted him for his past. However, there was something else important that Sam didn’t tell Citra until after she arrived in Missouri on the K-1 visa to marry him. Why does this seem to be a trend?!

In his early 20s, Sam started taking Suboxone to help with withdrawals. Suboxone is technically a drug in and of itself. Before Citra came to the US, Sam got pulled over by police officers, who discovered that Sam was carrying Suboxone in his car, but not in the proper prescription bottle. Sam got arrested, but was offered a diversion program, which meant he could take regular tests and classes to prove he wasn’t using. However, he missed the deadline to file for the program, which meant that he could be facing jail time.

He didn’t tell Citra about his possible jail sentence until after she arrived in the U.S., and we haven’t heard an update. Also, the two are now expecting a child, according to Citra’s Instagram. We truly wish the best for this couple and hope to hear updates soon!