Garrison Brown
Photo Credit: @robertthebrown via Instagram

Sister Wives Fans Pay Tribute to Late Garrison Brown With Animal Shelter Donations

Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, and the whole Sister Wives team are no doubt still reeling from the tragic loss of Garrison Brown, but in the wake of his tragic loss, the fans of the show are stepping up to make sure his legacy as a cat dad will never be forgotten. Many fans are donating to the cause near and dear to the late TLC personality’s heart — animal shelters.

TMZ learned that many Sister Wives fans from all over the world have been donating to animal shelters like High County Humane, with the cat organization receiving more than $13,000 and counting. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate Garrison, who loved cats.

A spot of light in the dark

Liz Olson of High County Humane (HCH) shared the amazing gesture with Garrison’s mother, Janelle. She told her about the outpouring of support. Janelle was truly touched, and the memorial was fitting as Garrison had previously adopted three of his cats from the shelter in the last two years.

In light of the donations, the HCH has launched its own program in Garrison’s name that will help several of their cats in need get adopted throughout March. The donations will specifically used to help cover adoption fees for any cats rescued during this time.

And that’s not it, HCH also plans on renaming its cat adoption room in Garrison’s honor with a plaque unveiling during the five-year anniversary also happening this month.

HCH isn’t the only shelter that is getting support. Ark Cat Sanctuary is also getting monetary support after Garrison’s passing. The organization has received more than $500 in donations from people all around the world. The support from Garrison’s fans will help the shelter stay open in the coming year, which is such a fitting tribute for a late cat lover.

Moved to tears

When Janelle heard about the donations, she was moved to tears. It was a poignant way in which fans were helping commemorate her son.

She wrote on Instagram, “Thank you all for your generosity. It means so much. The cats he adopted from both agencies were so important to him. He loved being a cat dad.”

As for Garrison’s adopted cat babies, it looks like they will be moving in with his siblings.