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West Wilson on the ‘Overwhelming’ Response to His Summer House Debut

New Summer House star West Wilson has been trying to deal with the attention that comes from being on the Bravo series. 

He sat down with Page Six to talk about his new life as a reality star and admitted to being slightly overwhelmed by the love. “Everyone before the shows aired has been like, ‘Oh, get ready for the DMs,’ and I was like, ‘I’ll get a couple,’ [but] no, it’s been f*cking crazy –– a little overwhelming,” he said. 

West isn’t talking much (anymore) about his potential relationship with Ciara… 

Photo by: Bryan Bedder/Bravo

If you’ve been watching this season of Summer House, then you know West has the hots for veteran cast member Ciara Miller. We saw the pair go on their first date during an earlier episode. And if you paid close enough attention to last week’s showing, you probably noticed the pair smooching during their camping night.  

According to West, many women have slid into his DMs — Sarah Ann style — in case he doesn’t seal the deal with Ciara.

“There are a lot of women who shoot their shots but preface [with], ‘If things don’t work out, I’m here,’” he explained. “It’s so nice, so those get a little double tap. There’s a lot of respect in the DMs. People don’t believe that, but there is.”

During an earlier interview, West revealed he’s not too picky when looking for a romantic partner. In fact, he said, “aesthetically, there’s no pattern.” He continued, saying he loves “beautiful women.” 

“Even personality has been different. But, I do think the girls that I’ve had longer relationships with, there has been a bit of a chase attached to them.” 

Now that the season has wrapped, fans are still trying to determine if West and Ciara are an official pair. His comments aren’t making it any easier. “I think Ciara is very authentic to who she is,” he said in March 2024. “I feel like everything she said was truly her opinion and her own thoughts. She never sounds rehearsed or produced. I just like that everything she felt and said felt very genuine and original and I like that about people.”

Summer House continues on Thursdays at 9/8c.