Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Photo by: Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Golden Bachelor Couple Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist Living Separately

When Gerry Turner proposed to Theresa Nist, and The Golden Bachelor came to an end, no one could have predicted the strange media storm that followed.

Rumors and reports flew regarding Gerry’s life before the show. Most of these reports suggested that Gerry had lied about his on-screen self. For example, there were claims that he misrepresented his career and his romantic past after his late wife died.

From there, rumors circulated regarding the strength of Gerry and Theresa’s relationship, with some outlets saying the two were fighting not long before the wedding. These rumors persisted even after the wedding. Now, the two are living apart. But it’s not how it sounds.

Gerry and Theresa are deciding where to live

As TMZ confirmed in an exclusive report, Gerry and Theresa aren’t just living in different houses. They’re living in different states. However, despite how the news looks on its face, the couple is reportedly happier than ever and still going strong. Sources close to the stars confirmed that the two were just doing long distance.

While Theresa stays in New Jersey, Gerry remains in his Northern Indiana lake house. Sources cited a few different reasons for the distanced romance, one of which is the difficulty of moving in the present day. On top of having to physically relocate all their belongings, Theresa still works in New Jersey. Theresa is still unsure what to do about her job as a compliance officer.

Sources also reported that either one of the stars would have a hard time being far away from family. The couple has considered Charleston, South Carolina as a middle ground but no decision has been made just yet. Theresa has a son and grandchildren in the Charleston area, which adds to the location’s appeal.

But in the meantime, as they hash out the future, the lovebirds have been making frequent trips to visit one another. Theresa will be heading out to Indiana in about a month or so.

The Golden Bachelorette hits ABC on September 1, 2024.